James Paxton
Seattle Mariners


63.2% Thrown  96.7 MPH

Paxton changed his arm angle last year and it came with boosted velocity, pushing his heater to triple digits at times and increasing his overall verlocity by 2.6 points. He was burned by a super high .350 BABIP with the pitch last year, which you can expect to fall this year.


13.7% Thrown  81.9 MPH

Paxton's main breaker is a Knuckle-Curve that earns him plenty of strikeouts - a whopping 46.6% K rate with the pitch and an excellent 39.0% O-Swing rate to go along with it. Even better is its 41.9% zone rate that gives him great flexibility with the hook.


6.4% Thrown  88.2 MPH

In favor of his new three-pitch approach, Paxton put his Changeup on the shelf a bit, though there is a ton of potential if he wants to dig deep into his repertoire - an excellent 21.0% whiff rate and a stellar 61.1% groundball rate makes it a fantastic pitch when ahead in the count.


16.8% Thrown  89.5 MPH

On top of the new velocity, Paxton showed up after injury with a new Cutter that was flat-out devastating - a 19.1% whiff rate, 44.1% O-Swing rate, with a sturdy 44.9% zone rate all led to an allowed ISO of just .067 and a stellar 8.1 pVal in just 325 thrown. Holy mackerel.