Jake Thompson
Philadelphia Phillies


60.7% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Thompson prefers throwing Four-Seamers over Two-Seamers, with the former having much more success in its small sample last year, holding batters to just a .044 allowed ISO. The pitch acts a bit like a Cutter, earning over two inches bonus horizontal movement away from right-handers, increasing its effectiveness despite mediocre velocity.


11.3% Thrown  81.9 MPH

Thompson likes to turn to his Curveball to freeze batters when ahead in the count, hoping to steal a backwards K or quickly reach strike two.


12.5% Thrown  83.0 MPH

What Thompson's Slider lacks in horizontal bend it makes up for in vertical drop, earning about three inches bonus vertical movement. Still, the pitch doesn't get enough chases out of the zone to make its 32.5% zone percentage worthwhile.


15.6% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Thompson gets good drop on his Changeup, but he didn't command it all too well last season. If he keeps in deep in the zone, there's room for his strikeout rate to grow on the back of this pitch.