Jake Esch
San Diego Padres


56.7% Thrown  90.0 MPH

We didn't see much of Esch last year, but he showed us he is a Four-Seam pitcher, with average stuff all around: 90.1mph heater, mediocre movement, and not much potential moving forward.


10.5% Thrown  79.4 MPH

There's potential in Esch's Curveball, which is as 12-6 as you'll find. It has a tighter break than most, and he has done a decent job thus far keeping it low in the zone, helping him generated some groundballs.


29.5% Thrown  84.0 MPH

His main secondary pitch is a Slider that features excellent horizontal break, making the pitch the best in his repertoire by far. It'll be interesting to see its effect over a larger sample as he only threw 62 Sliders last season.


2.9% Thrown  83.5 MPH

Jake threw six Changeups last season and not one landed for a strike, making it tough to make a proper assessment of the pitch outside of its obvious ineffectiveness thus far. Womp womp.