Jake Arrieta’s Changeup + The Best Pitches From Thursday’s Games

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Jake Arrieta‘s Changeup – It was a toss up between this Changeup and a Curveball he threw in the very next at-bat, but we couldn’t ignore the incredible late movement on this 1-2 pitch at the unreal speed of 91 MPH. Curtis Granderson didn’t have a chance.

Jose Fernandez’s Curveball – It was a great debut for the star of Miami, and he managed to silence Marlin killer Gregor Blanco with this biting Curveball down in the zone. We’ll be seeing plenty of Jose through the year.

Kevin Gausman’s Changeup – Gausman’s future in the Orioles’ rotation is unknown, but we do know that his Split-Changeup can be straight-up filthy. Josh Hamilton has no choice but to chase this 1-2 pitch as it fades away from his bat.

Corey Kluber’s Slider – We could have selected a few from Kluber’s 14 strikeout evening, but this front-door Slider stunned Jake Elmore as it slid back over the plate for the backwards K. So smooth.

Max Scherzer’s Curveball – He had a complete game, but gave up the winning run on a controversial hit over the third base bag. Still, Mad Max was his usual dominant self, here getting Juan Uribe on a big hook off the plate.

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