Jake Arrieta
Chicago Cubs


64.9% Thrown  93.7 MPH

Arrieta mixes both Four-Seamers and Sinkers, though the Latter got the brunt of the workload and for good reason: across the 1375 he threw in 2016, Arrieta's Sinker allowed just a .203 BAA and a paltry .100 ISO. Crazy good.


12.3% Thrown  80.6 MPH

This Curveball takes a backseat to his Slider, though Arrieta turns to it often to close the door on batters using its above average vertical drop. It held an impressive 40.4% K rate and had batters fishing at it out of the zone at a great 37.6% clip.


18.0% Thrown  89.2 MPH

Arrieta's Slider/Cutter/Slutter had all the same movement in 2016 as previous years, but he lost the feel for the pitch early in the season, leading him to use it much less in favor of his Fastball. Let's hope he can get regain the feel and let loose one of the deadliest pitches in the game.


4.7% Thrown  88.6 MPH

Arrieta's fourth pitch would be the #1 for many starters in the bigs, featuring exceptional horizontal and vertical movement. He earned a whopping 22.5% whiffs across the few 147 he threw, churning grounders at a miraculous 66.7% rate as well.