Jaime Garcia
New York Yankees


61.6% Thrown  90.5 MPH

Garcia has a near even mix of Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers, which were both ineffective last season. There is more upside in his Two-Seamer as it generates grounders at an excellent 63.5% rate due to his fantastic sink on the pitch, but he got burned for a .332 BABIP and .183 ISO last year that made it a tough year to be Jaime Garcia.


5.2% Thrown  74.9 MPH

This would be your standard "Get-Me-Over" Curveball that's sole purpose is to earn a free strike early in the count with the rare surprise third strike.


12.5% Thrown  81.7 MPH

The most consistent pitch in Garcia's repertoire over the years has been his Slider (more like his Curveball, but Pitchf/x is weird), which has earned a 23.7 pVal across his career. Last year it earned an excellent 21.9% whiff rate along with a 45.7% O-Swing rate that returned an unreal 62.8% K rate with the pitch. Wow...but that really shouldn't surprise you after watching the GIF above.


18.3% Thrown  82.2 MPH

With batters teeing off on his heaters, it shouldn't be a major surprise that his Changeup gets whiffs aplenty as batters salivate hoping to smack a Fastball far away. It also helps that Garcia gets about an inch of bonus vertical drop on the pitch, helping him get strikes via swings off the plate despite a low 34.5% zone rate.