J.A. Happ
Toronto Blue Jays


73.5% Thrown  91.6 MPH

Happy is a Four-Seam machine with the ocassional Two-Seamer dropped in for good measure. His straight Fastball was superb in 2016, limiting batters to just a .118 ISO across the 1777 he threw and earned the highest whiff rate of his career at a great 9.6% rate.


7.5% Thrown  78.5 MPH

Happy featured both below average horizontal and vertical movement on his Curve while failing to toss it in the zone above 30% of the time. However, it limited line drives at an excellent 17.1% mark and held a .137 BAA - possibly a product of its .146 BABIP instead of sheer effectiveness.


12.7% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Happ lost about two inches of vertical drop on his Slider last season, which may be why it held its highest line drive rate of his career at 32.1% and batters held a large .904 OPS against the pitch.


6.4% Thrown  83.8 MPH

Despite earning its best whiff rate of his career at 11.3%, Happ strugled mightily to get his Changeup over the plate, while batters refused to offer at the pitch with a low 21.7% O-Swing and just a 34.5% swing rate.