Injury Report: March 24th, 2018

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Reminder that:

  • R and L are added wherever available to denote right and left side.
  • Notations (1), (2), or (3) are included to denote the Grade of strains and sprains where available.

We’ve seen the following players leave the report due to returning to play or no longer being a part of the MLB roster:

Ender Inciarte, Chris Davis, Javier Baez, Pedro Strop, Nicky Delmonico, Tyler Saladino, Scooter Gennett, Michael Brantley, Tom Murphy, Pat Valaika, Blaine Hardy, Paulo Orlando, Chris Young, Ehire Adrianza, Miguel Sano, Yoenis Cespedes, Anthony Swarzak, Nelson Cruz, Ryon Healy, Andrew Romine, Brad Miller, Martin Perez, Randal Grichuk, Justin Smoak, Marcus StromanAdam Eaton and Michael Taylor.

We also saw quite a few players join the table. Each new player has a small blurb describing their injury and a projected timetable for return. Updates are also posted where available. Be sure to check out my thoughts on Madison Bumgarner, and why I’m more optimistic about Justin Turner‘s return than most. Let’s check out the table:

TeamDLPosPlayerInj. DateInjuryTimetableEst. ReturnCountdown
ARIRPRandall Delgado9-28-17R flexor strain, oblique tightness2-4 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
ARISPZack Greinke3-14-18R Groin tightness1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
ARISPShelby Miller5-10-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
ARISS/2BChris Owings7-31-18R Long finger fracture6-8 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
ARIOFSteven Souza Jr.3-21-18R Pectoral strain6-8 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
ATL3BJohan Camargo3-14-18Back tightness1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
ATL60RPGrant Dayton8-29-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 m9-1-180y 5m 8d
ATLSPLuiz Gohara2-27-18L ankle sprain1-2 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
BALSSTim Beckham3-22-18Groin strainDTD3-29-191y 0m 5d
BAL60RPZach Britton12-21-17R Achille’s tendon tear5-9 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
BALDHMark Trumbo3-8-18R Quad strain (2)3-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
BALSPGabriel Ynoa3-9-18Stress reaction in shins2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
BOS3BMarco Hernandez5-26-17L Shoulder surgery4-6 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
BOSRPAustin Maddox3-1-18R Shoulder inflammation1-2 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
BOS2BDustin Pedroia10-25-17L Knee surgery, cartilage restoration7-10 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
BOSSPDrew Pomeranz3-2-18L Flexor strain1-2 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
BOSSPEduardo Rodriguez10-17-17R Patellofemoral ligament reconstruction6-8 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
BOSRPTyler Thornburg6-16-17Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery12+ w3-29-180y 0m 5d
BOSSPSteven Wright5-8-17L Knee surgery, cartilage restoration7-10 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
CHCRPShae Simmons3-8-18R Shoulder tightness1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
CHC60SPDrew Smyly6-17-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
CWS1BJose Abreu3-20-18Hamstring strain (1)1 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
CWSOFMicker Adolfo2-23-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)6-8 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
CWSSPCarlos Rodon9-27-17L Shoulder surgery, bursitis6-8 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
CWSCKevan Smith3-20-19L Ankle sprain2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
CINSPAnthony DeSclafani3-11-18Strained oblique (2)4-8 w5-15-180y 1m 21d
CIN60SPRookie Davis10-9-17R Hip surgery8-10 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
CINSPBrandon Finnegan3-11-18L Biceps strain (1)1-2 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
CINRPMichael Lorenzen3-20-18R Teres major strain6 w5-15-180y 1m 21d
CINOFJose Siri2-23-18L Thumb sprain4-6 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
CLE60SPCody Anderson3-27-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
CLESPJulian Merryweather3-9-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
CLEOFBrandon Guyer9-16-17L Wrist extensor tendon repair2-4 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
CLESP/RPDanny Salazar1-15-18R Rotator cuff inflammation2-4 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
CLE3BGiovanny Urshela3-21-18R Hamstring strain (1)1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
DETSPMike Fiers3-18-18Back soreness2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
COLRPCarlos Estevez3-19-18L Oblique strain (1)1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
COL60RPRayan Gonzalez4-1-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
COLSPJeff Hoffman3-4-18R Shoulder soreness2-4 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
HOU1BYuli Gurriel2-28-18L Hook of hamate resection6-8 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
HOURPJandel Gustave6-21-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m8-21-180y 4m 28d
HOUSPBrady Rodgers5-2-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
KC60SPJesse Hahn3-6-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)8-10 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
LAASPAndrew Heaney3-19-18L Elbow inflammation2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
LAA60SPAlex Meyer9-12-17R Glenoid labrum surgery12-14 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
LAASPNate Smith9-15-17L Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
LADSP/RPTom Koehler3-2-18R Shoulder strain (2)1-3 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
LAD3BJustin Turner3-19-18L wrist fracture6-8 w5-15-180y 1m 21d
LAD60SPJulio Urias6-27-17L Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
MIAOFLewis Brinson3-22-19Head injuryDTD3-29-180y 0m 5d
MIASPWei-Yin Chen5-5-17L Elbow UCL sprain (2)4-6 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
MIARPBrian Ellington3-5-18R Biceps tendinitis2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
MIASPBrett Graves3-6-18Oblique strain2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
MIAINF/OFMartin Prado7-28-17R Knee surgery6-8 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
MIACJ.T. Realmuto3-9-18Back contusionDTD3-29-180y 0m 5d
MIASSJ.T. Riddle8-11-17L Shoulder surgery, SLAP tear10-12 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
MIAOFMagneuris Sierra3-14-18L Hamstring tightness1 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
MIASPDan Straily3-20-18R Forearm inflammation1 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
MILRPBoone Logan3-21-18L Triceps strain (1)2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
MILSPJimmy Nelson9-20-17Shoulder surgery12-14 m6-15-180y 2m 22d
MILCStephen Vogt2-28-18R Shoulder strain4-6 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
MINSP/RPTrevor May3-22-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
MIN60SPMichael Pineda7-18-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m8-1-180y 4m 8d
MINSPErvin Santana2-6-18R Long finger surgery10-12 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
NYMOFMichael Conforto9-6-17R Shoulder surgery, post. capsule4-6 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
NYMSPRafael Montero3-22-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
NYM601BT.J. Rivera9-14-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m8-1-180y 4m 8d
NYM1BDominic Smith2-25-18L Quad strain2-4 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
NYMSPJason Vargas3-18-18R Hamate fracture4-6 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
NYM3BDavid Wright6-17-16Neck surgery2-3 m8-1-180y 4m 8d
NYYOFJacoby Ellsbury3-2-18R Oblique tightness1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
NYYOFClint Frazier2-26-18Concussion4-6 w6-1-180y 2m 8d
OAKSPPaul Blackburn3-22-18R Forearm tightness2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
OAKRPSantiago Casilla3-12-19R Shoulder tightness1-2 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
OAK60SPJharel Cotton3-21-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)4-6 m7-1-180y 3m 7d
OAKRPRyan Dull2-25-18R Shoulder sorness2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
OAKOF/3BRenato Nunez2-24-18L Hamstring strain2-4 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
PHISPJerad Eickhoff3-16-18R Lat strain6-8 w5-15-180y 1m 21d
PITRPNick Burdi5-31-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m8-1-180y 4m 8d
PITRPA.J. Schugel2-25-18R Shoulder discomfort1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
SDOFAlex Dickerson2-25-18L Elbow UCL sprain (1)12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
SDCAustin Hedges3-22-18L Calf sorenessDTD3-29-180y 0m 5d
SDSPColin Rea3-8-18R Lat strain1-3 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
SEAOFBen Gamel3-4-18Oblique strain4-6 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
SEASPFelix Hernandez2-26-18R Forearm contusion1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
SEARPDavid Phelps3-17-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
SEASPErasmo Ramirez2-18-18R Lat strain1-3 m4-15-180y 0m 22d
SEASSJean Segura3-21-18Sore thumbDTD3-29-180y 0m 5d
SEAOFIchiro Suzuki3-14-18R Calf tightnessDTD3-29-180y 0m 5d
SFSPMadison Bumgarner3-23-18L 5th metacarpal fracture10-14 w7-1-180y 3m 7d
SFSPJeff Samardzija3-22-18R Pectoral strain1-3 m5-15-180y 1m 21d
SFRPWill Smith3-28-17L Tommy John Surgery12-18 m6-1-180y 2m 8d
STLRPLuke Gregerson3-23-18Hamstring strain1-2 w3-29-180y 0m 5d
STLSP/RPAlex Reyes2-16-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m5-15-180y 1m 21d
TBSPJose De Leon3-13-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
TBSPBrent Honeywell2-27-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 m4-1-191y 0m 8d
TEX60SPClayton Blackburn3-15-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1)10-12 w6-1-180y 2m 8d
TEXRPTim Lincecum3-22-18R middle finger blister1-2 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
TOROFAnthony Alford3-13-18R Hamstring strain (2)1-2 m5-15-180y 1m 21d
TOROFDalton Pompey3-15-18R Wrist discomfort4-6 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
TORSSTroy Tulowitzki2-25-18R Heel bone spur4-6 w5-1-180y 1m 7d
WSHRPJoaquin Benoit3-17-18R Forearm strain4-6 w4-15-180y 0m 22d
WSH2BDaniel Murphy10-20-17R Knee microfracture surgery7-10 m5-1-180y 1m 7d
WSH60SPJoe Ross7-19-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 m9-1-180y 5m 8d
WSHRPKoda Glover2-18-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 w5-1-180y 1m 7d


Johan Camargo (3B, Atlanta Braves) – Has not progressed as the Braves have hoped. Reported to begin the year on the 10DL but should return when first eligible.

Zach Britton (RP, Baltimore Orioles) – Britton has his walking boot off and has been throwing. Britton is optimistic that he can return near the beginning of June. This feels possible but not probable.

Gabriel Ynoa (SP, Baltimore Orioles) – Ynoa has been out of the walking boot as of 3-17-18. Hopefully, the rest and protection were sufficient for the stress reaction in his shins to subside. He’ll still begin the season on the DL as he’ll have a ways to go to get into throwing shape. He could return in mid-April with a pen role or late-April as an SP. I’ll monitor to get a sense of the O’s plan for him.

Drew Pomeranz (SP, Boston Red Sox) – Pomeranz will need to bring his pitch count up prior to the start of the season or he’ll begin the year on the DL. We’ll probably get an indication this weekend. If he requires a DL stint, it will likely only be for the first week or so – he may miss two starts.

Steven Wright (SP, Boston Red Sox) – Got shelled in a minor league outing and doesn’t figure to take a rotation spot in Boston. Even when he returns, he figures to face a 15-game suspension for domestic violence.

Danny Salazar (SP/RP, Cleveland Indians) – Salazar threw off a mound for the first time this spring on 3-22-18. A whopping 20 pitches. We’re still looking at May at the earliest.

Michael Conforto (OF, New York Mets) – Conforto figures to see Grapefruit League action on 3-24-18 and looks like a good bet to beat his initial timetable. Early-May and mid-April seem to hold equal possibilities at this point. We should find out which way to lean by Opening Day.

Dominic Smith (1B, New York Mets) – Smith has still not returned to running and doesn’t seem like he’ll return by Opening Day at this rate. Either way, he won’t have time to win a job.

Alex Dickerson (OF, San Diego Padres) – Dickerson, who previously opted for conservative management of his UCL sprain now figures to get TJS before the end of March.

Luke Gregerson (RP, St. Louis Cardinals) – From an oblique to a hamstring, Gregerson isn’t getting much work in this spring. It may cost him the closer role to begin the season.


Steven Souza Jr. (OF, Arizona Diamondbacks) – I have him slotted for a return near the start of May since we don’t have a definitive grade of the strain available. He could be pushed back based on how his rehab goes.

Tim Beckham (SS, Baltimore Orioles) – Showalter has been ambiguous but this appears to be a minor issue. I don’t expect Beckham to miss much time at all.

Jose Abreu (1B, Chicago White Sox) – Reportedly very mild, and Abreu is progressing well. He is currently not expected to miss any time to start the regular season.

Kevan Smith (C, Chicago White Sox) – I’ve put a rather safe timetable as we’re still waiting for MRI results. X-ray coming back negative ensures that nothing is fractured, but we could still be dealing with moderate to severe ligament damage.

Michael Lorenzen (RP, Cincinnati Reds) – Teres major is a smaller muscle in the back that assists internal rotation at the shoulder. It’s difficult to know how long Lorenzen will be out with no strain indicated. I’ve put 6 weeks because any extended period of absence will lead to a longer throwing program, and he will need to fully rest before then. I will provide updates as more information is available.

Giovanny Urshela (3B, Cleveland Indians) – Currently anticipated to be an option for the Tribe in mid-April

Carlos Estevez (RP, Colorado Rockies) – Experienced a setback in rehabbing an oblique strain. Should return in mid-April barring additional setbacks.

Mike Fiers (SP, Detroit Tigers) – Once again, a safe timeline as we have limited information. The Tigers have the luxury of being patient with Fiers (who had a brutal spring so I doubt he’s even on your roster) as they don’t need a 5th starter until mid-April.

Justin Turner (3B, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Multiple reports are likening Turner’s wrist fracture to Springer and Freeman, but the wrist is so complex that each injury should be considered individual and unique. I’ve taken a couple of screenshots of the point of impact for each (Freeman, Springer, Turner from left to right).

Turner was hit on his front hand while the other two were struck on their back hand. This is important because of wrist positioning. During a swing, the front hand is prone and the back hand is supine. This has implications for how the ulna and radius are positioned, and thus how close the ulna is to the carpus (the other 8 wrist bones). This may have created a situation where Turner’s ulna incurred the fracture as opposed to any of the carpal bones (typically the hamate or triquetrum). This hypothesis is supported by imaging.

  • Freeman’s X-rays came back inconclusive and additional imaging (MRI and CT scan) were required to accurately diagnose a fracture. Turner’s X-rays revealed a fracture. It is often difficult to diagnose a fracture to a carpal via X-ray imaging because the bones are so tightly bound by ligaments.

I could be wrong – we’d need to see the x-rays or have it explicitly stated which bone was broken in order to confirm or deny the hypothesis. Regardless, Turner appears to have a smoother course of rehab ahead of him already due to the fact that he’s in a splint rather than a cast. There’s some research available to suggest that wrist injuries have negative effects on a batter’s future power numbers. If it is a broken ulna I think we can at least partially quell this fear. I think there’s also a very real chance that he is back on the field prior to the 8-week timetable passing, and without a noticeable change in ISO. Time will tell.

Andrew Heaney (SP, Los Angeles Angels) – Heaney figures to require at least a few weeks to get back up to speed once the inflammation has subsided. We can craft an accurate timeline once he begins throwing again based on how much time he’s missed.

Lewis Brinson (OF, Miami Marlins) – Concussion protocol not initiated. Brinson is considered day-to-day unless this changes.

Dan Straily (SP, Miami Marlins) – Straily is currently slated to refrain from throwing until the end of the weekend. If he sticks to that timeline, he’ll be fine for Opening Day. He is a big set-back risk at the moment, though, and a setback could lead to a month off.

Boone Logan (RP, Milwaukee Brewers) – Figures to begin the year on the 10-day.

Rafael Montero (SP, New York Mets) – Completely torn UCL. TJS time. We’ll see how he’s doing in 2019.

Jason Vargas (SP, New York Mets)  – Jason Vargas was signed by the Mets as a sacrifice and will now absorb injuries for the entire starting rotation… I wish this were true. Vargas fractured the hamate in his right hand, and it sounds as though he had an operation to have the fragment removed. This option makes sense, and really the surgical wound itself is the biggest barrier to Vargas returning. He figures to miss somewhere between 0 and 2 starts to begin 2018.

Paul Blackburn (SP, Oakland Athletics) – Blackburn will be shut down from throwing for approximately 10 days to allow forearm tightness to subside. He then figures to need some time to resume his throwing program. He should return to the starting rotation in mid-to-late April barring any setbacks.

Santiago Casilla (RP, Oakland Athletics) – Casilla has returned to throwing bullpens. He figures to return to play this weekend if all remains well, which would have him ready for Opening Day.

Austin Hedges (C, San Diego Padres) – Hedges was struck by a pitch on his left calf. He may miss a game or two but should be just fine.

Jean Segura (SS, Seattle Mariners) – Segura is not expected to miss much time. He should be ready for Opening Day.

David Phelps (RP, Seattle Mariners) – Phelps is done for 2018 as he’ll receive TJS on Monday. We’ll see how he’s doing in 2019.

Madison Bumgarner (SP, San Francisco Giants) – This sucks. Appears to be an intra-articular 5th MCP fracture. No reason to expect any complications for the moment other than the time missed this season. He’ll be assessed as to whether he can have the pins removed at the 4 week and 6 week points, from there we look at returning to full hand functioning and then returning to throwing.

Jeff Samardzija (SP, San Francisco Giants) – We’re early into this pec strain and still waiting to see which end of the timetable we’re destined for. Bochy seems optimistic, as he said Loose Lips is expected to miss 3-4 weeks. Realistically we’ll probably land somewhere in the middle.

Tim Lincecum (RP, Texas Rangers) – Timmy shows up late to the Year of the Blister. He was behind schedule anyway after signing so late, so I wouldn’t expect him until the second half of April at this point.

Joaquin Benoit (RP, Washington Nationals) – Limited information available at this time. We’ll look for an update once Benoit returns to throwing – he should only be a few weeks out at that point.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a registered occupational therapist with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.



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