Injury Report: March 10th, 2018

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This week we saw several players leave the table as they’ve returned to game action:

Nathan Karns, Miguel Sano, Yoenis Cespedes, Aaron Judge, Matt Chapman, Andrew Triggs, Jerad Eickhoff, Vince Velasquez, and Carter Capps.

We also saw quite a few players join the table. Each new player has a small blurb describing their injury and projected timetable for return. Updates are also posted where available. Let’s check out the table:

TeamDLPosPlayerInj. DateInjuryTimetableEst. ReturnCountdown
ARIOFSocrates Brito2017-12-17Injured R little fingerUnclear2018-03-290y 0m 20d
ARIRPRandall Delgado2017-09-28Flexor strain, PRP Injection2-4 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
ARISPShelby Miller2017-05-10Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-07-010y 3m 22d
ARISS/2BChris Owings2018-07-31Fractured R long finger6-8 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
ATL60RPGrant Dayton2017-08-29Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-09-010y 5m 23d
ALTSPLuiz Gohara2018-02-27L ankle sprain1-2 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
BAL60RPZach Britton2017-12-21Ruptured R Achilles’ tendon5-9 m2018-07-010y 3m 22d
BAL1BChris Davis2018-03-04Rforearm tightness2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BALDHMark Trumbo2018-03-08Sore R quad1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BALSPGabriel Ynoa2018-03-09Stress reaction in shin2-4 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
BOS3BMarco Hernandez2017-05-26Shoulder surgery4-6 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
BOSINFBrock Holt2018-03-06Abdominal tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BOSRPAustin Maddox2018-03-01Shoulder inflammation1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BOS2BDustin Pedroia2017-10-25Knee surgery, cartilage7-10 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
BOSSPDrew Pomeranz2018-03-02Forearm tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BOSSPEduardo Rodriguez2017-10-17Patellofemoral ligament surgery6-8 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
BOSRPTyler Thornburg2017-06-16Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery12+ w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
BOSSPSteven Wright2017-05-08Knee surgery7-10 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
CHC2BJavier Baez2018-03-08Hamstring strain2-4 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
CHCRPShae Simmons2018-03-08Shoulder tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CHC60SPDrew Smyly2017-06-17Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-07-010y 3m 22d
CHCRPPedro Strop2018-03-01Sore L calf2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CWSOFMicker Adolfo2018-02-23Sprained elbow UCL6-8 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
CWSRPGreogory Infante2018-03-02Shoulder tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CWS3B/OFEloy Jimenez2018-03-02Patellar tendinitis1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CWSSPCarlos Rodon2017-09-27Shoulder surgery, bursitis6-8 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
CIN60SPRookie Davis2017-10-09Hip surgery8-10 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
CINOFJose Siri2018-02-23Sprained thumb4-6 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CLE60SPCody Anderson2017-03-27Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
CLEOFMichael Brantley2017-10-19Ankle surgery, ligament stabilization6-8 m2018-03-290y 0m 20d
CLESPJulian Merryweather2018-03-06Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2019-04-011y 0m 23d
CLEOFBrandon Guyer2017-09-16Wrist extensor tendon surgery2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
CLESP/RPDanny Salazar2018-01-15Rotator cuff inflammation2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
COLRPRayan Gonzalez2017-04-01Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
COLSPJeff Hoffman2018-03-04R shoulder soreness2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
COLOFGerardo Parra2018-02-09Hook of hamate resection6-8 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
COLSSPat Valaika2018-03-07Oblique strain2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
DETRPBlaine Hardy2018-02-27Shoulder2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
HOU1BYuli Gurriel2018-02-28Hook of hamate resection6-8 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
HOURPJandel Gustave2017-06-21Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-08-210y 5m 12d
HOUSPBrady Rodgers2017-05-02Tommy John surgery12-18 m2018-07-010y 3m 22d
KC60SPJesse Hahn2018-03-06Elbow8-10 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
KC2BAdalberto Mondesi2018-03-09Sore R shoulder1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
LAASSAndrelton Simmons2018-03-08Shoulder, RTC strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
LAA1B/3BJefry Marte2018-03-03Groin tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
LAAOFChris Young2018-02-22Grade 1 calf strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
LAA60SPAlex Meyer2017-09-12Glenoid labrum surgery12-14 m2019-04-011y 0m 23d
LAASPNate Smith2017-09-15Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 m2019-04-011y 0m 23d
LADC/2BAustin Barnes2018-02-22Relbow discomfort1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
LADSP/RPTom Koehler2018-03-02R shoulder strain1-3 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
LAD60SPJulio Urias2017-06-27Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 m2018-07-010y 3m 22d
MIASPWei-Yin Chen2017-05-05Partial elbow UCL tear4-6 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
MIARPBrian Ellington2018-03-05Biceps tendinitis2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIASPBrett Graves2018-03-06Oblique strain2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIAINF/OFMartin Prado2017-07-28Knee surgery6-8 m2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIACJ.T. Realmuto2018-03-09Knee contusion1 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIASSJ.T. Riddle2017-08-11Shoulder surgery, SLAP tear10-12 m2018-08-010y 4m 23d
MILSPZach Davies2018-03-07Oblique strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MILSPJimmy Nelson2017-09-20Shoulder surgery12-14 m2018-06-150y 3m 6d
MILCStephen Vogt2018-02-28Strained R throwing shoulder2-3 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MINSP/RPTrevor May2017-03-22Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIN1B/DHLogan Morrison2018-03-07Right glute soreness1 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MIN60SPMichael Pineda2017-07-18Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-08-010y 4m 23d
MINOFEddie Rosario2018-03-07Triceps inflammation1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
MINSPErvin Santana2018-02-06R long finger surgery10-12 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
NYMSSAmed Rosario2018-03-06Groin strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
NYMRPAnthony Swarzak2018-02-27Strained L calf2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
NYM1BDominic Smith2018-02-25L quad strain2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
NYMOFMichael Conforto2017-09-06Shoulder surgery4-6 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
NYMSPJacob deGrom2018-02-27Back soreness2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
NYM3BDavid Wright2016-06-17Neck surgeryUnclearNever?Never?
NYM601BT.J. Rivera2017-09-14Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-08-010y 4m 23d
NYYOFJacoby Ellsbury2018-03-02Oblique tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
NYYOFClint Frazier2018-02-26Concussion1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
OAKRPRyan Dull2018-02-25Shoulder sorness2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
OAKOF/3BRenato Nunez2018-02-24Hamstring strain2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
OAK3BMatt Chapman2018-02-22Bone bruise, hand2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
PITRPA.J. Schugel2018-02-25R shoulder discomfort1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
PITSPJoe Musgrove2018-02-29Shoulder inflammation2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
PITRPNick Burdi2017-05-31Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-08-010y 4m 23d
SDOFAlex Dickerson2018-02-25L elbow UCL sprain4-6 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
SDSPColin Rea2018-03-08Strained R lat1-3 m2018-05-010y 1m 22d
SEASPErasmo Ramirez2018-02-18Strained R lat1-3 m2018-04-150y 1m 6d
SEARPNick Rumbelow2018-03-04Shoulder/neck soreness2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
SEAOFBen Gamel2018-03-04Oblique strain4-6 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
SEARPNick Vincent2018-02-28Arm soreness2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
SEAOFMitch Haniger2018-02-24Hand soreness2-4 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
SEARPTony Zych2018-03-08Shoulder discomfort2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
SEADHRyon Healy2018-02-14Hand surgery4-6 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
SEASPFelix Hernandez2018-02-26R forearm contusion1-2 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
SFCBuster Posey2018-03-01Ankle1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
SFRPMark Melancon2017-09-12R pronator release4-6 m2018-03-290y 0m 20d
SFRPWill Smith2017-03-28Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-06-010y 2m 23d
STLRPLuke Gregerson2018-03-07Oblique strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
STL1BMatt Carpenter2018-02-18Back/shoulder soreness2-3 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
STLSP/RPBud Norris2018-03-02Hamstring strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
STLSP/RPAlex Reyes2017-02-16Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-05-150y 2m 6d
TBSPJose De Leon2018-03-07Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2019-04-011y 0m 23d
TB1B/2BBrad Miller2018-02-27R pinkie toe fracture4-6 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
TBSPBrent Honeywell2018-02-27Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2019-04-011y 0m 23d
TEXSPMartin Perez2017-12-15Fractured R radial head8-10 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
TOROFSteve Pearce2018-03-06Lcalf strain1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
TORSSTroy Tulowitzki2018-02-25R heel bone spur4-6 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
TORSPMarcus Stroman2018-02-27Shoulder inflammation2-4 w2018-04-150y 1m 6d
WSH2BDaniel Murphy2017-10-20R Knee micro-fracture surgery10-12 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d
WSH60SPJoe Ross2017-07-19Tommy John Surgery12-18 m2018-09-010y 5m 23d
WSHOFAdam Eaton2018-03-05L knee surgery6-9 m2018-03-290y 0m 20d
WSHOFMichael Taylor2018-03-05Oblique tightness1-2 w2018-03-290y 0m 20d
WSHRPKoda Glover2018-02-18Shoulder inflammation2-4 w2018-05-010y 1m 22d


Drew Pomeranz (SP, Boston Red Sox) – MRI revealed no structural damage to the elbow, though Pomeranz does have a flexor strain. This could have been much worse. Pomeranz has already returned to his throwing program and is set to return for the start of the 2018 season.

Carlos Rodon (SP, Chicago White Sox) – Rodon has stretched out to 120ft and thrown a flat ground. He is still on track for a June return.

Danny Salazar (SP/RP, Cleveland Indians) – Salazar confirmed to not be ready to start the 2018 season. He has begun throwing from 90 ft.

Gerardo Parra (OF, Colorado Rockies) – Took live batting practice on 2018-03-07 without concern. Aiming to return to play this weekend, which would allow him to be ready for the start of the 2018 season.

Ervin Santana (SP, Minnesota Twins) – Santana has begun his rehabilitation program as of 2018-03-07.

Jacob deGrom (SP, New York Mets) – Slated for Grapefruit League debut tomorrow (2018-03-11).

Colin Rea (SP, San Diego Padres) – Strained his right lat after returning from Tommy John and fighting for a rotation spot. Expected to miss about a month of the 2018 season.

Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners) – Felix seems to be taking it slow in coming back from this contusion. He’s yet to throw a bullpen, and Scott Servais has stated that he’ll likely need 2-3 Cactus League outings to be ready for Opening Day. At this point, I’m moving his Estimated Return to 2018-04-15

Matt Carpenter (1B/2B/3B, St. Louis Cardinals) – Carpenter can still be ready for Opening Day if he gets into games next week. Matheny has recently hinted that Carpenter may be stuck at 1B due to his ailing shoulder. This has been my concern all spring as it would be amazing for Jose Martinez to get full-time at-bats.

Daniel Murphy (2B, Washington Nationals) – I’ve pushed Murphy back to a month after Opening Day as he appears to be progressing slowly. Micro-fracture knee surgery has a timetable of 6-9 months for return to sport. I have Murphy closer to the 6 month mark at the moment, which may be optimistic.


Luiz Gohara (SP, Atlanta Braves) – Gohara battled a groin injury but was set to return on 2018-03-11. He then sprained his left ankle doing PFP drills. He is getting x-rays this weekend, and we’ll know more at that point. Consider that he may miss time to start the year and look for an update in next week’s Injury Report.

Chris Davis (1B, Baltimore Orioles) – MRI of Davis’ right forearm came back negative, so no reason to be concerned. Davis is on pace to resume baseball activities next week and hopes to be ready for Opening Day. He should make it without a setback.

Gabriel Ynoa (SP, Baltimore Orioles) – It sounds like they caught this early. I think it will end up being closer to 4 weeks of rest from anything strenuous involving the lower body. It sounds like he’ll be able to continue throwing so it shouldn’t take long to return once he’s cleared.

Javier Baez (2B, Chicago Cubs) – Baez has said that it was a cramp in his hamstring, yet he’s still dealing with discomfort and the Cubs are holding him out of action until Sunday at the earliest. I’m guessing we have a mild hamstring strain on our hands, which may hold Baez out for a week or two to start the season. Should be a concrete update by the end of the weekend.

Eloy Jimenez (OF, Chiacgo White Sox) – Jimenez expects to play in Sunday’s Cactus League game. He likely won’t be with the big squad until late in 2018, but it’s nice to hear that his tendinitis is resolving.

Jeff Hoffman (SP, Colorado Rockies) – Sounds like this will hold Hoffman out of the COL rotation to start the 2018 season. He has not had an MRI.

Jesse Hahn (SP, Kansas City Royals) – Grade 1 or 2 UCL sprain. Royals are attempting conservative treatment. Hopefully Hahn takes to this approach. If not, we’re likely looking at TJS.

Andrelton Simmons (SS, Los Angeles Angels) – MRI revealed a mild shoulder strain. Angels are calling him DTD – I’ll give him about a week of rest following by a bit of testing the shoulder. I imagine he’ll be ready for Opening Day.

Jefry Marte (1B, Los Angeles Angels) – May return to game action on Monday. Should be ready for Opening Day barring any setbacks.

Chris Young (OF, Los Angeles Angels) – Should be ready for the start of the season without setbacks.

Austin Barnes (C, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Doesn’t appear to be anything that would hold him back from the start of 2018.

Tom Koehler (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Grade 1 or 2 strain of his right shoulder anterior capsule. No official timetable available.

J.T. Realmuto (C, Miami Marlins) – Should return to action in a day or two. No concerns regarding his status for Opening Day.

Zach Davies (SP, Milwaukee Brewers) – Appears to be mild. Davies should return to action in about a week.

Logan Morrison (1B/DH, Minnesota Twins) – Minor. Should return to play within a few days.

Eddie Rosario (OF, Minnesota Twins) – Cleared for all baseball activities, and should return to action this week.

Amed Rosario (SS, New York Mets) – Slated to play SS today (2018-03-10). Should be ready for Opening Day.

Anthony Swarzak (RP, New York Mets) – Currently on pace to return in time for Opening Day.

Dominic Smith (1B, New York Mets) – Likely to return to action prior to Opening Day, but figures to spend time in the minors to start the season.

Jacoby Ellsbury (OF, New York Yankees) – Should be ready for Opening Day if he remains on this pace, though he doesn’t figure to have an impact in the Yankees crowded outfield.

Clint Frazier (OF, New York Yankees) – Should be healthy to start 2018, though he figures to begin the year in the minors as he doesn’t currently fit into the Yankees crowded outfield.

Joe Musgrove (SP/RP, Pittsburgh Pirates) – Threw in a simulated game on 2018-03-09. Hopes to be ready for Opening Day. Could meet that timetable.

Alex Dickerson (OF, San Diego Padres) – Dickerson and the Padres are opting for conservative treatment. No official timeline available. Could return around the All-Star Break if all goes well.

Erasmo Ramirez (SP, Seattle Mariners) – Possible to return in mid-April if rehab goes well. This works out nicely as it’s the first time the Mariners will need a 5th starter.

Ben Gamel (OF, Seattle Mariners) – If he remains on the current timeline he should return around mid-April.

Nick Vincent (RP, Seattle Mariners) – Threw in a simulated game on 2018-03-09. Could be ready for Opening Day if no issues arise.

Mitch Haniger (OF, Seattle Mariners) – Haniger saw a hand specialist and was cleared to resume swinging a bat on 2018-03-04. The hand specialist would not have cleared Haniger if any structural issues were noted. Haniger is set to hit live today (2018-03-10), which should give us a better idea how he’s doing. If all goes well, he’s on pace to start 2018.

Tony Zych (RP, Seattle Mariners) – Zych has experienced forearm inflammation and shoulder discomfort thus far this spring. We will have a better idea about the shoulder when Zych sees a doctor in the next few days. For now, he appears likely to start the season on the DL.

Ryon Healy (1B/DH, Seattle Mariners) – Healy is progressing well, and may beat his timetable and return in time for Opening Day.

Buster Posey (C/1B, San Francisco Giants) – MRI has come back clean, though Posey has received a cortisone injection in his injured left ankle.

Mark Melancon (RP, San Francisco Giants) – Reports that he is still not feeling 100%. Still figures to be ready for Opening Day until we hear otherwise. Underwent a rather rare procedure to relieve pressure in his forearm. Worrisome if that pressure is still present.

Luke Gregerson (RP, St. Louis Cardinals) – Mild oblique strain with no concerns noted on MRI. Should be ready by Opening Day.

Jose De Leon (SP, Tampa Bay Rays) – The second Rays pitching prospect to blow out their UCL this spring. Here’s to hoping for a wonderful 2019.

Brad Miller (1B/2B, Tampa Bay Rays) – Miller is shutdown once again as of 2018-03-07, as it appears he’s experienced a setback returning from a broken pinkie toe in his right foot. He may not be ready for Opening Day at this point.

Steve Pearce (OF, Toronto Blue Jays) – Pearce figures to be ready for Opening Day until we hear otherwise.

Troy Tulowitzki (SS, Toronto Blue Jays)  – The Jays are not expecting to have Tulo to start the 2018 season.

Adam Eaton (OF, Washington Nationals) – Report currently have Eaton on schedule to return for the start of 2018, though he’s yet to hop in a game for the Nats this spring. If we’re in a similar spot next week it’ll be time to move Eaton’s Estimated Return to mid-April.

Michael Taylor (OF, Washington Nationals) – Taylor has been out for a few days with oblique tightness. Taylor has gone through this in the past, so the Nats may be cautious. It was reported as a mild strain, so being ready for Opening Day still seems reasonable.

Koda Glover (RP, Washington Nationals) – Not optimistic Glover will be ready for opening day as he’s not yet throwing.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a registered occupational therapist with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.



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