Injury Report 5/7: Every Player’s DL Situation

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The following players have returned to regular play or have been optioned and have been removed from the report: Steven Souza Jr., Shane Carle, Julio Teheran, Chance Sisco, Scooter Gennett, Giovanny Urshela, Jose Ramirez, Chris Rusin, Steven Matz, Scott Kingery, Andrew McCutchen, Ryan Sherriff, Sam Tuivailala, Josh Donaldson, and Anthony Rendon.

Let’s check out the table:

TeamDLPosPlayerInj. DateInjuryTimetableEst. ReturnCountdown
ARI10RPRandall Delgado9-28-17R flexor strain, oblique tightness2-4 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
ARI103BJake Lamb4-3-18L Shoulder AC joint sprain2-4 weeks5-14-180y 0m 7d
ARI60SPShelby Miller5-10-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
ARISPRobbie Ray4-29-18R Obique strain4-6- weeks6-7-180y 1m 0d
ARI10SPTaijuan Walker4-14-18R Elbow inflammation12-18 months5-15-191y 0m 8d
ATL60RPGrant Dayton8-29-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 3m 25d
ATL60RPJacob Lindgren3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
ATL10RPJose Ramirez4-18-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
ATL10SPAnibal Sanchez4-18-18L Leg injury2 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
ATL10SSDansby Swanson5-2-18L Wrist inflammation2 weeks5-14-180y 0m 7d
BAL103BTim Beckham4-23-18L Groin strain (2)6-8 weeks6-21-180y 1m 14d
BAL60RPZach Britton12-21-17R Achille’s tendon tear5-9 months6-15-180y 1m 8d
BALOFAdam Jones5-5-18R Wrist contusionDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
BAL10OFColby Rasmus4-7-18L Hip flexor strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
BAL2BLuis Sardinas4-29-18Lower back strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
BAL102BJonathan Schoop4-14-18R Oblique strain (1)2 weeks5-8-180y 0m 1d
BAL60SPGabriel Ynoa3-9-18R Shoulder inflammation2 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
BOSOFMookie Betts5-6-18R Shoulder contusionDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
BOS603BMarco Hernandez5-26-17L Shoulder surgery4-6 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
BOS10INFBrock Holt4-26-18L Hamstring strain2-4 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
BOS10RPAustin Maddox3-1-18R Shoulder inflammation1-2 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
BOS102BDustin Pedroia10-25-17L Knee surgery, cartilage restoration7-10 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
BOS10RPTyler Thornburg6-16-17Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery12+ weeks5-11-180y 0m 4d
CHC10RPEddie Butler4-20-18R Groin strain2-4 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
CHC60SPDrew Smyly6-17-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
CWS10RPDanny Farquhar4-20-18Hemorrhagic strokeIndefinite4-1-190y 10m 25d
CWS10OFAvisail Garcia4-23-18R Hamstring strain (2)4-6 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
CWS10SPMiguel Gonzalez4-18-18R RTC inflammation4-6 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
CWS102BYoan Moncada5-2-18L Hamstring tightness2 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
CWS60SPCarlos Rodon9-27-17L Shoulder surgery, bursitis6-8 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
CIN60SPRookie Davis10-9-17R Hip surgery8-10 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
CIN60SPAnthony DeSclafani3-11-18Strained oblique (2)4-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
CIN10RPMichael Lorenzen3-20-18R Teres major strain6 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
CLE60SPCody Anderson3-27-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
CLE10OFLonnie Chisenhall4-7-18R Calf strain4-6 weeks5-14-180y 0m 7d
CLE10RPNick Goody5-3-18R Elbow strain2-4 weeks5-17-180y 0m 10d
CLE10SP/RPRyan Merritt3-23-18L Shoulder soreness2-4 weeks6-3-180y 0m 27d
CLE10RPAndrew Miller4-25-18L Hamstring injury2 weeks5-11-180y 0m 4d
CLE10SP/RPDanny Salazar1-15-18R Rotator cuff inflammation2-4 weeks5-25-180y 0m 18d
CLEOFBradley Zimmer5-5-18Shoulder & hip sorenessDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
COL60RPCarlos Estevez3-19-18R Elbow sprain4-6 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
COL60RPRayan Gonzalez4-1-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
COL102BDJ LeMahieu4-27-18R Hamstring soreness2 weeks5-8-180y 0m 1d
COL10RPZac Rosscup3-27-18L Long finger injury2 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
DET101BMiguel Cabrera5-3-18R Hamstring strain2-4 weeks5-23-180y 0m 16d
DET3BJeimer Candelario5-5-18L Thumb injuryDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
DET10SPDaniel Norris4-29-18L Groin tightness8-12 weeks7-1-180y 1m 24d
HOU10RPJandel Gustave6-21-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months8-21-180y 3m 14d
HOU10SPBrady Rodgers5-2-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
KC10RPJustin Grimm4-24-18Lower back stiffness1 week5-10-180y 0m 3d
KC60SPJesse Hahn3-6-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)8-10 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
KC10SPNate Karns7-20-17R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
LAA60SPAlex Meyer9-12-17R Glenoid labrum surgery12-14 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
LAA10RPKeynan Middleton4-29-18R Elbow inflammation2 weeks5-9-180y 0m 2d
LAA10SPJ.C. Ramirez4-17-18R Elbow sprain12-18 months5-1-190y 11m 24d
LAA10SPMatt Shoemaker4-1-18R Forearm strain3-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
LAA10SPNick Tropeano5-2-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
LAA10RPBlake Wood4-23-18R Elbow posterior impingement2 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
LAD102BLogan Forsythe4-14-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
LAD10SPRich Hill4-15-18L Long finger injury2 weeks5-8-180y 0m 1d
LAD10SPClayton Kershaw5-1-18L Biceps tendinitis1-2 weeks5-13-180y 0m 6d
LAD60SP/RPTom Koehler3-2-18R Shoulder strain (2)1-3 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
LAD10OFYasiel Puig4-28-18Hip soreness, foot injury2 weeks5-9-180y 0m 2d
LAD10SPHyun-Jin Ryu5-2-18L Groin strain (3)2-4 months7-15-180y 2m 8d
LADSSCorey Seager4-30-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-191y 0m 25d
LAD103BJustin Turner3-19-18L Wrist fracture6-8 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
LAD60SPJulio Urias6-27-17L Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
MIA10OFGarrett Cooper4-2-18R Wrist tendon sheath tear8-10 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
MIA10RPOdrisamer Despaigne4-19-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks5-20-180y 0m 13d
MIA60SPBrett Graves3-6-18L Oblique strain6-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
MIA10SP/RPElieser Hernandez3-21-18Dental surgery1-2 weeks5-11-180y 0m 4d
MIA10RPChris O’Grady4-17-18L Shoulder sprain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
MIL10SPZach Davies5-3-18R RTC inflammation2 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
MIL10RPCorey Knebel4-5-18L Hamstring strain4-8 weeks5-9-180y 0m 2d
MIL10RPBoone Logan3-21-18L Triceps strain (1)4-6 weeks5-11-180y 0m 4d
MIL60SPJimmy Nelson9-20-17R Shoulder surgery12-14 months6-15-180y 1m 8d
MIL101BEric Thames4-24-18L Thumb UCL sprain (2)6-8 weeks6-3-180y 0m 27d
MIL10CStephen Vogt2-28-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks5-24-180y 0m 17d
MIN10OFByron Buxton4-17-18Migraines, toe fracture2-6 weeks5-16-180y 0m 9d
MIN10CJason Castro5-3-18R Knee meniscus tear6-10 weeks7-5-180y 1m 28d
MIN60SP/RPTrevor May3-22-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
MIN60SPMichael Pineda7-18-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 2m 25d
MIN103BMiguel Sano4-28-18L Hamstring tightness2-4 weeks5-11-180y 0m 4d
MIN60SPErvin Santana2-6-18R Long finger surgery10-12 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
NYM10CTravis d’Arnaud4-17-18R Elbow UCL sprain (2)12-18 months5-17-191y 0m 10d
NYM10SPJacob deGrom5-2-18R Elbow HyperextensionDTD5-13-180y 0m 6d
NYMOFYoenis Cespedes5-6-18R Quad tightnessDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
NYM60SPRafael Montero3-22-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
NYM10CKevin Plawecki4-11-18L Hand fracture4-6 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
NYM601BT.J. Rivera9-14-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 2m 25d
NYM10RPAnthony Swarzak3-31-18Sore oblique2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
NYM603BDavid Wright6-17-16Shoulder/back injury2-3 months8-1-180y 2m 25d
NYY101BGreg Bird3-27-18R Ankle surgery6-8 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
NYYRPLuis Cessa4-17-18Oblique strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
NYY103BBrandon Drury4-7-18Migraines2 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
NYY60OFJacoby Ellsbury3-2-18R Oblique tightness, L hip discomfort1-2 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
NYY60RPBen Heller3-27-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 11m 24d
NYY10RPTommy Kahnle4-16-18R Shoulder tendintis2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
NYY10OFBilly McKinney3-31-18L Shoulder AC sprain6-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
NYY10SPJordan Montgomery5-1-18L Forearm strain6-8 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
NYY10RPAdam Warren4-20-18R Lat strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
OAK60SPPaul Blackburn3-22-18R Forearm tightness2-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
OAK10RPRyan Buchter4-25-18L Shoulder strain4-6 weeks6-7-180y 1m 0d
OAK60SPJharel Cotton3-21-18R Tommy John surgery4-6 months5-1-190y 11m 24d
OAK10RPLiam Hendriks4-14-18Groin strain6-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
OAK10OFBoog Powell4-7-18R Knee sprain4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
OAK10SPA.J. Puk3-27-18Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 11m 24d
PHI10RPVictor Arano4-29-18R RTC strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
PHI10SSJ.P. Crawford4-29-18R Forearm strain2-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
PHI10SPJerad Eickhoff3-16-18R Lat strain6-8 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
PHI10SPMark Leiter3-19-18R Forearm flexor strain6-8 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
PHI10SPBen Lively4-27-18Lower back strain2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
PHI10RPPat Neshek3-30-18R Shoulder strain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
PIT60RPNick Burdi5-31-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 2m 25d
PIT2BJosh Harrison4-15-18L 5th metacarpal fracture6-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
PIT10SP/RPJoe Musgrove3-30-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
PIT10RPEnny Romero4-29-18L Shoulder impingement2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
PIT10RPA.J. Schugel2-25-18R Shoulder discomfort1-2 weeks5-24-180y 0m 17d
SD10OFAllen Cordoba2-15-18Concussion4-6 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
SD60OFAlex Dickerson3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
SD10CAustin Hedges4-30-18R Elbow tendinitis2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
SD10SPDinelson Lamet3-25-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 11m 24d
SD101B/OFWil Myers4-29-18Oblique strain (1)2-4 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
SD60SPColin Rea3-8-18R Lat strain, R elbow injury1-3 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
SD10OFHunter Renfroe4-18-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
SD10SPMatt Strahm7-7-17L Knee surgery6-8 months5-10-180y 0m 3d
SEA10RPDan Altavilla4-30-18R AC joint sprain2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
SEA10RPDavid Phelps3-17-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
SEA10SPErasmo Ramirez5-1-18R Teres major strain4-8 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
SEASSJean Segura5-6-18MigraineDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
SF60SPMadison Bumgarner3-23-18L 5th metacarpal fracture10-14 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
SF10SPJohnny Cueto5-1-18R Elbow inflammation1-2 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
SF60SPJulian Fernandez3-27-18R Elbow UCL sprain12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
SF10RPMark Melancon3-26-18R Flexor strain4-6 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
SFRPReyes Moronta5-5-18Back injuryDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
SF10RPJosh Osich4-27-18R Hip tightness2-4 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
SF102BJoe Panik4-27-18L Thumb UCL sprain (2)4-8 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
SF10OFHunter Pence4-20-18R Thumb sprain2-6 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
SF7OFMac Williamson4-24-18Neck stiffnessDTD5-15-180y 0m 8d
STL10RPBrett Cecil3-31-18L Shoulder strain4-6 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
STL10RPDominic Leone5-4-18R Arm Nerve irritation2-4 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
STL10CYadier Molina5-5-18Pelvic hematoma4-6 weeks6-6-180y 0m 30d
STL10RPBud Norris5-6-18R Triceps tightnessDTD5-9-180y 0m 2d
STLOFTommy Pham5-6-18Groin tightnessDTD5-9-180y 0m 2d
STL60SP/RPAlex Reyes2-16-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
STL10SPAdam Wainwright4-20-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks5-12-180y 0m 5d
TB10SPYonny Chirinos4-29-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
TB60SPJose De Leon3-13-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 10m 25d
TB10SPNathan Eovaldi3-28-18R Elbow loose body removal8-10 weeks5-24-180y 0m 17d
TB60OFKevin Kiermaier4-15-18R Thumb sprain2-3 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
TEX60SSElvis Andrus4-11-18R Olecranon fracture8-10 weeks6-15-180y 1m 8d
TEX103BAdrian Beltre4-23-18L Hamstring strain (1)2-4 weeks5-23-180y 0m 16d
TEX60SPClayton Blackburn4-12-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-191y 0m 25d
TEX60RPRonald Herrera3-16-18R Shoulder inflammation4-6 months7-1-180y 1m 24d
TEX60RPTim Lincecum3-22-18R Middle finger blister1-2 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
TEX10RPChris Martin5-1-18R Forearm irritation2-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
TEX102BRougned Odor4-5-18L Hamstring strain4-6 weeks5-12-180y 0m 5d
TEX60SPJoe Palumbo4-20-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 0m 25d
TEX10SPMartin Perez4-30-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks5-10-180y 0m 3d
TEX60RPRicardo Rodriguez3-29-18R Biceps tendinitis2-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
TEX10OFCarlos Tocci4-21-18L Hip contusion2-4 weeks5-13-180y 0m 6d
TORSSAledmys Diaz5-6-18L Ankle sprainDTD5-10-180y 0m 3d
TOROFCurtis Granderson5-4-18Hamstring tightnessDTD5-8-180y 0m 1d
TOR10OFRandal Grichuk4-30-18R PCL sprain (1)3 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
TOR10OFSteve Pearce5-1-18Oblique strain2-4 weeks5-21-180y 0m 14d
TOR60SSTroy Tulowitzki2-25-18R Heel bone spur8-10 weeks6-7-180y 1m 0d
WSH10RPJoaquin Benoit3-17-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
WSH10OFAdam Eaton4-5-18L Ankle bone bruise2 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
WSH60RPKoda Glover2-18-18R Shoulder tendinitis2-4 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
WSH10OFBrian Goodwin4-13-18L Wrist contusion2 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
WSHRPTrevor Gott5-4-18Ankle sprainDTD5-9-180y 0m 2d
WSH10RPMatt Grace4-20-18L Groin strain2-4 weeks5-18-180y 0m 11d
WSH10RPShawn Kelley4-24-18R Ulnar nerve irritation4-6 weeks5-15-180y 0m 8d
WSH102BDaniel Murphy10-20-17R Knee microfracture surgery7-10 months5-15-180y 0m 8d
WSH60SPJoe Ross7-19-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 3m 25d
WSH60CJhonatan Solano4-10-18R Elbow bone spurs6-8 weeks6-1-180y 0m 25d
WSH1BRyan Zimmerman5-5-18Torso injuryDTD5-7-180y 0m 0d


Yoan Moncada (2B, Chicago White Sox) – The White Sox have chosen to be safe which makes all the sense in the world. Moncada isn’t currently expected to require more than a minimum DL stay.

Miguel Cabrera (3B, Detroit Tigers) – Miggy experienced a hamstring strain of an unknown degree, though the Tigers don’t appear to expect him back quickly. We should have a more concrete update in the first half of this week.

Hyun-Jin Ryu (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Ryu tore muscle from bone, which he will require surgery to repair. He is done for the first half of the year.

Stephen Vogt (C, Milwaukee Brewers) – Vogt has experienced yet another setback and was pulled off his rehab assignment. We’re essentially in a holding pattern.

Jacob deGrom (SP, New York Mets) – The Mets report that this DL stint is mainly precautionary and they expect deGrom to come off the DL as soon as he’s able on 5-13-18.

Steve Pearce (OF, Toronto Blue Jays) – Pearce has been diagnosed with an oblique strain of an unknown degree and will miss at least a few weeks.



Dansby Swanson (SS, Atlanta Braves) – Examination revealed Swanson has not incurred any structural damage to his left wrist. He may return when first eligible on 5-14-18.

Adam Jones (OF, Baltimore Orioles) – X-rays came back negative on Jones’ right wrist/hand. Current estimates have him returning to the lineup on Tuesday.

Mookie Betts (OF, Boston Red Sox) – Mookie Betts took an errant throw off his right shoulder. I don’t expect this to hold him out for long at all.

Bradley Zimmer (OF, Cleveland Indians) – Zimmer had a run in with a wall on Saturday, and is a little banged up. He is currently expected to return to the lineup on Tuesday.

Nick Goody (RP, Cleveland Indians) – Goody suffered a non-descript elbow injury during his appearance Thursday. The official DL move lists a ‘right elbow strain’, though I’ve also seen elbow hyperextension mentioned. I can’t find a particular event to tie this to, but I’m leaning away from the hyperextension conclusion. An MRI revealed no structural damage.

Jeimer Candelario (3B, Detroit Tigers) – Candelario injured his left thumb – it appears he just jammed it. Look for him to be DTD and return in the middle of this week barring any additional news.

Clayton Kershaw (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Tendinitis is difficult to gauge as it depends on the extent of damage to the tendon the potential cause of the inflammation. The Dodgers don’t seem overly concerned, so I’m leaning towards this being a mild case – those typically resolve in 1-2 weeks. We’ll get a better sense when Kershaw is next scheduled to throw, but he may only miss a start or two.

Jason Castro (C, Minnesota Twins) – I anticipate Castro will undergo surgery to repair the meniscus in his right knee, though the current plan is to receive a cortisone shot and attempt to return when first able. The timetable for return from that surgery is approximately 6-10 weeks, and he may be on the latter end of that timetable as he’ll need to return to catching which is very demanding on the lower body.

Zach Davies (SP, Milwaukee Brewers) – Davies is only expected to miss one start, so this seems like a minor case of inflammation. If he sticks to that, he will return on May 10th at COL. No one wants that.

Yoenis Cespedes (OF, New York Mets) – This one seems odd as the Mets stated it was a hip injury while Cespedes has said it’s his quad. Cespedes doesn’t seem confident that he’ll return to the lineup for Monday. This may be one where we need to sit and watch what happens, but he’s DTD for now.

Jean Segura (SS, Seattle Mariners) – Segura left Sunday’s game due to a migraine. As we’ve seen with a few examples thus far this season, migraine’s aren’t always clear-cut. Presume Segura will be in the lineup on Tuesday until differential information is released.

Reyes Moronta (RP, San Francisco Giants) – Moronta dealt with some form of back injury during his most recent outing. He should return sometime this week.

Dominic Leone (RP, St. Louis Cardinals) – Difficult to say what’s going on here. Leone experienced a nerve irritation in his right upper arm during a bullpen. A couple of different nerves could have been irritated in a variety of ways and we haven’t been provided any information on what he’s truly experienced. Some reports also list this as a biceps cramp. Either way, it seems acute enough that a May return is likely.

Yadier Molina (C, St. Louis Cardinals) – Bruising is when small blood vessels burst due to pressure, a hematoma is when that blood leaks into nearby structures and clots. Molina underwent a procedure to remove a hematoma he incurred due to a foul tip. He is projected to miss about a month, which seems reasonable.

Bud Norris (RP, St. Louis Cardinals) – Nud Borris is experiencing some tightness in his right triceps and will miss a few days. He is expected to return to regular play in the middle of this week.

Tommy Pham (OF, St. Louis Cardinals) – Pham has been battling this groin injury for over a week now. He continues to be DTD until we hear otherwise.

Aledmys Diaz (SS, Toronto Blue Jays) – Diaz was removed from Sunday’s game due to an ankle sprain. X-rays came back negative, so we’ve ruled out any concurrent fractures. MRI results should be coming within a day or two and will give us an idea of the degree of sprain and timetable. He’s considered DTD until we gain that information.

Curtis Granderson (OF, Toronto Blue Jays) – Granderson has missed a few games in a row due to hamstring tightness. Let’s hope the Grandyman can return to the lineup on Tuesday.

Ryan Zimmerman (1B, Washington Nationals) – I’ve seen this one called ‘stiffness’ and ‘a bruise’, so I’m not entirely sure what to think. Zimmerman expects to return to the lineup on Monday… hold onto your hats cause it’s the Nats.

Trevor Gott (RP, Washington Nationals) – I haven’t seen a report indicating which ankle is sprained (I’m guessing left). Either way, an MRI should be forthcoming and that’s when we’ll find out what Trevor’s Gott.


Jeff Davis

Jeff is a registered occupational therapist with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.




Great updates! Question: can you give a specific estimate as to when Tulowitski will be back? I read different estimates all along.

Jeff Davis

Hi Bbboston,

We can’t really get specific until he starts to do a bit more baseball-wise. I can tell you that he isn’t able to until 5-28-18 at the earliest. A return early in the second week of June is probable if he stays on his current track.

Thanks for reading!


Once off the DL, do you think Britton and Andrus will be able to perform at their pre-injury level, or need more time?

Jeff Davis

Hi Adrian,
Andrus may have a tough time throwing at first, though he will get his work in a rehab assignment and likely work through it pretty quickly. I don’t anticipate his injury will affect his offensive profile at all once he’s returned.
With Britton, he appears to be overcoming his injury fairly well. I think there may be a mental barrier to overcome, like we saw with Wainwright after he tore the Achilles tendon of his landing leg. If he is favouring that landing leg he may experience some difficulty locating down in the zone. I wouldn’t panic though – he seems to be handling the mental aspect of his recovery well thus far.
Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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