Injury Report 4/5: Every Player’s DL Situation

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The report for today was not as daunting as Nick made it sounds on a recent episode of First Pitch – which you should be listening to daily if you’re not already. Nick does a brief rundown of new injuries before I get the chance to dive in, so First Pitch should be your first place to go for new information. As well, the community Slack channel is a ton of fun and I try to provide information there whenever prompted to look into joining us in there!

We had some big names leave the table this week. Josh Donaldson learned to throw again Marcell Ozuna hit a ball to the moon so I feel they’re both up to speed. Joining them in leaving the report are Ian Desmond, Victor Reyes, Mitch Garver, Brandon Nimmo, and Adam Warren.

For the first time, we have more updates available than newbies to the report! Let’s dive in!

PosPlayerInj. DateInjuryTimetableEst. ReturnCountdown
SSNick Ahmed4-3-18Flu like symptomsDTD4-5-180y 0m 1d
RPRandall Delgado9-28-17R flexor strain, oblique tightness2-4 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
3BJake Lamb4-3-18L Shoulder AC joint sprain2-4 weeks4-24-180y 0m 20d
SPShelby Miller5-10-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
OFSteven Souza Jr.3-21-18R Pectoral strain6-8 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
3BJohan Camargo3-14-18Back tightness1-2 weeks4-9-180y 0m 5d
RPGrant Dayton8-29-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 4m 28d
CTyler Flowers3-30-18L Oblique strain4-8 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPJosh Ravin4-2-18Viral Infection2 weeks4-16-180y 0m 12d
CKurt Suzuki3-30-18R Hand injuryDTD4-7-180y 0m 3d
SPChase Whitley2-27-18R Heel staph infection1-2 months4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPLuiz Gohara2-27-18L ankle sprain1-2 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPJacob Lindgren3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
RPZach Britton12-21-17R Achille’s tendon tear5-9 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
DHMark Trumbo3-8-18R Quad strain (2)3-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPGabriel Ynoa3-9-18Stress reaction in shins2-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
3BMarco Hernandez5-26-17L Shoulder surgery4-6 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
RPAustin Maddox3-1-18R Shoulder inflammation1-2 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
2BDustin Pedroia10-25-17L Knee surgery, cartilage restoration7-10 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPDrew Pomeranz3-2-18L Flexor strain2-4 weeks4-12-180y 0m 8d
SPEduardo Rodriguez10-17-17R Patellofemoral ligament reconstruction6-8 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPTyler Thornburg6-16-17Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery12+ weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPSteven Wright5-8-17L Knee surgery, cartilage restoration7-10 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPDrew Smyly6-17-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
SPCarlos Rodon9-27-17L Shoulder surgery, bursitis6-8 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
CKevan Smith3-20-19L Ankle sprain2-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPRookie Davis10-9-17R Hip surgery8-10 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPAnthony DeSclafani3-11-18Strained oblique (2)4-8 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPBrandon Finnegan3-11-18L Biceps strain (1)1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPDavid Hernandez3-24-18R Shoulder inflammation4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPMichael Lorenzen3-20-18R Teres major strain6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
OFScott Schebler4-1-18R Elbow sorenessDTD4-5-180y 0m 1d
RPKevin Shackelford3-22-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
SPCody Anderson3-27-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
OFMichael Brantley10-19-17R Ankle surgery6-8 months4-6-180y 0m 2d
SP/RPRyan Merritt3-23-18L Shoulder soreness2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SP/RPDanny Salazar1-15-18R Rotator cuff inflammation2-4 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
3BGiovanny Urshela3-21-18R Hamstring strain (1)1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPCarlos Estevez3-19-18L Oblique strain (1)1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPRayan Gonzalez4-1-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPJeff Hoffman3-4-18R Shoulder soreness2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPZac Rosscup3-27-18L Long finger injury2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPJohnny Barbato3-26-18R Forearm strain3-4 weeks4-21-180y 0m 17d
SPMike Fiers3-18-18Lumbar strain2-4 weeks4-7-180y 0m 3d
1BYuli Gurriel2-28-18L Hook of hamate resection6-8 weeks4-13-180y 0m 9d
RPJandel Gustave6-21-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months8-21-180y 4m 17d
RPJames Hoyt3-21-18L Oblique strain4-6 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPBrady Rodgers5-2-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
1BLucas Duda4-2-18R Hamstring tightnessDTD4-6-180y 0m 2d
SPJesse Hahn3-6-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)8-10 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
SPNate Karns7-20-17R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks4-17-180y 0m 13d
2BAdalberto Mondesi3-9-18R Shoulder soreness4-6 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
CSalvador Perez3-28-18MCL Sprain (2)4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
OFBubba Starling3-6-18Oblique Strain1-2 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPAndrew Heaney3-19-18L Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks4-12-180y 0m 8d
2BIan Kinsler3-27-18L Groin strainDTD4-10-180y 0m 6d
SPAlex Meyer9-12-17R Glenoid labrum surgery12-14 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
SPMatt Shoemaker4-1-18R Forearm strain3-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPYimi Garcia10-25-16R Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-15-180y 0m 11d
SP/RPTom Koehler3-2-18R Shoulder strain (2)1-3 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
3BJustin Turner3-19-18L Wrist fracture6-8 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
SPJulio Urias6-27-17L Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
SPWei-Yin Chen5-5-17L Elbow UCL sprain (2)4-6 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPBrett Graves3-6-18L Oblique strain6-8 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
SP/RPElieser Hernandez3-21-18Dental surgery1-2 weeks4-7-180y 0m 3d
INF/OFMartin Prado7-28-17R Knee surgery6-8 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
CJ.T. Realmuto3-9-18Back bone bruise2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SSJ.T. Riddle8-11-17L Shoulder surgery, SLAP tear10-12 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPDan Straily3-20-18R Forearm inflammation1 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPBoone Logan3-21-18L Triceps strain (1)4-6 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPJimmy Nelson9-20-17Shoulder surgery12-14 months6-15-180y 2m 11d
CStephen Vogt2-28-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SP/RPPhil Hughes3-27-18L Oblique strain (1)2 weeks4-11-180y 0m 7d
SP/RPTrevor May3-22-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPMichael Pineda7-18-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 3m 28d
SPErvin Santana2-6-18R Long finger surgery10-12 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
OFMichael Conforto9-6-17R Shoulder surgery, post. capsule4-6 months4-5-180y 0m 1d
SPRafael Montero3-22-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
1BT.J. Rivera9-14-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 3m 28d
1BDominic Smith2-25-18L Quad strain2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPAnthony Swarzak3-31-18Sore oblique2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPJason Vargas3-18-18R Hamate fracture4-6 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
3BDavid Wright6-17-16Shoulder/back injury2-3 months8-1-180y 3m 28d
1BGreg Bird3-27-18R Ankle surgery6-8 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
OFJacoby Ellsbury3-2-18R Oblique tightness1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
OFClint Frazier2-26-18Concussion4-6 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
RPBen Heller3-27-18R Eblow bone spur10-12 weeks7-1-180y 2m 27d
OFAaron Hicks3-30-18Intercostal Strain4-6 weeks4-10-180y 0m 6d
OFBilly McKinney3-31-18L Shoulder AC sprain6-8 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPPaul Blackburn3-22-18R Forearm tightness2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPJharel Cotton3-21-18R Tommy John surgery4-6 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
RPRyan Dull2-25-18R Shoulder sorness2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
OF/3BRenato Nunez2-24-18L Hamstring strain2-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
CJosh Phegley3-18-18Fractured finger(s)4-6 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPA.J. Puk3-27-18Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-191y 0m 27d
SPJerad Eickhoff3-16-18R Lat strain6-8 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPTommy Hunter3-26-18Hamstring strain (1)2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPMark Leiter3-19-18R Forearm flexor strain6-8 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPPat Neshek3-30-18R Shoulder strain2-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPNick Burdi5-31-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 3m 28d
SP/RPJoe Musgrove3-30-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPA.J. Schugel2-25-18R Shoulder discomfort1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
OFFranchy Cordero3-22-18L Groin strain2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
OFAllen Cordoba2-15-18Concussion4-6 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
OFAlex Dickerson3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
CAustin Hedges3-29-18Upper Back tightnessDTD4-4-180y 0m 0d
SPDinelson Lamet3-25-18R Elbow injury6-8 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
1B/OFWil Myers3-31-18R Radial nerve irritation2 weeks4-13-180y 0m 9d
SPColin Rea3-8-18R Lat strain, R elbow injury1-3 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPMatt Strahm7-7-17L Knee surgery6-8 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
DHNelson Cruz3-31-18R Ankle sprain2 weeks4-11-180y 0m 7d
OFBen Gamel3-4-18Oblique strain4-6 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPDavid Phelps3-17-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
SPErasmo Ramirez2-18-18R Lat strain1-3 months4-11-180y 0m 7d
CMike Zunino3-28-18L Oblique strain (1)1-2 weeks4-7-180y 0m 3d
SPMadison Bumgarner3-23-18L 5th metacarpal fracture10-14 weeks7-1-180y 2m 27d
SPJulian Fernandez3-27-18R Elbow UCL sprain12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
RPMark Melancon3-26-18R Flexor strain4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
OFHunter Pence4-3-18R Thumb strainDTD4-6-180y 0m 2d
SPJeff Samardzija3-22-18R Pectoral strain1-3 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
RPWill Smith3-28-17L Tommy John Surgery12-18 months5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPBrett Cecil3-31-18L Shoulder strain4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPLuke Gregerson3-23-18L Hamstring strain1-2 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
3BJedd Gyorko4-2-18R Hamstring strain (1)2 weeks4-16-180y 0m 12d
SP/RPAlex Reyes2-16-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPAdam Wainwright3-25-18R Hamstring strain2-4 weeks4-5-180y 0m 1d
SPJose De Leon3-13-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 11m 28d
SPNathan Eovaldi3-28-18R Elbow loose body removal8-10 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
RPTony Barnette3-15-18Low Back strain2-4 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
SPClayton Blackburn3-15-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1)10-12 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
OFDelino DeShields3-31-18L Hamate fracture4-6 weeks5-15-180y 1m 11d
RPRonald Herrera3-16-18R Shoulder inflammation4-6 months7-1-180y 2m 27d
RPTim Lincecum3-22-18R Middle finger blister1-2 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPJoe Palumbo4-20-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-180y 1m 28d
SPMartin Perez12-17-18R Elbow surgery3-4 months4-15-180y 0m 11d
RPRicardo Rodriguez3-29-18R Biceps tendinitis2-4 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
OFAnthony Alford3-13-18R Hamstring strain (2)1-2 months5-15-180y 1m 11d
SSAledmys Diaz4-3-18Back spasmsDTD4-6-180y 0m 2d
OFDalton Pompey3-15-18R Wrist discomfort4-6 weeks5-1-180y 0m 27d
SSTroy Tulowitzki2-25-18R Heel bone spur8-10 weeks6-7-180y 2m 3d
RPJoaquin Benoit3-17-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks4-15-180y 0m 11d
2BDaniel Murphy10-20-17R Knee microfracture surgery7-10 months5-1-180y 0m 27d
SPJoe Ross7-19-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 4m 28d
RPKoda Glover2-18-18R Shoulder tendinitis2-4 weeks6-1-180y 1m 28d
CMatt Wieters4-2-18L Oblique strain2-4 weeks4-12-180y 0m 8d


Steven Souza Jr. (OF, Arizona Diamondbacks) – Souza Jr. has begun hitting in the cage and has been ramping up his throwing program. He could beat his timetable by a week or two if he keeps this up.

Johan Camargo (3B, Atlanta Braves) – Camargo is beginning a minor league rehab assignment on 4-5-18 and could rejoin the club this weekend or the beginning of next week.

Kurt Suzuki – C, Atlanta Braves) – MRI came back negative. The Braves apparently expect Suzuki to return to a full workload shortly as they DFA’d Chris Stewart. Hopefully, he is able to see some game action this weekend.

Luiz Gohara (SP, Atlanta Braves) – Gohara threw two innings in a simulated game with no ankle discomfort. Look for him to build that workload up as he approaches a minor league rehab assignment.

Drew Pomeranz (SP, Boston Red Sox) – Pomeranz has thrown 5 innings in a minor league game and could join the Red Sox staff shortly. He currently lines up for a 4-7-18 or 4-12-18 debut. I’m leaning toward 4-12-18.

Eduardo Rodriguez (SP, Boston Red Sox) – Rodriguez threw in a minor league game on 4-3-18 and is apparently very close. He may debut as early as 4-8-18, and he’ll be present for the Sox series this weekend. Rodriguez could be a potentially powerful Sunday streamer if that’s the case (vs. TB). Depends on if you feel like risking the DLH.

Brandon Finnegan (SP, Cincinnati Reds)  – Threw approximately 80 pitches in a simulated game on 4-4-18. Potentially available for the Reds game on 4-9-18, though 4-14-18 may be more realistic.

Michael Lorenzen (RP, Cincinnati Reds) – Not throwing as of 4-3-18. Scheduled to see his doctor on 4-4-18, so he may get the all-clear to begin a throwing program shortly.

Michael Brantley (OF, Cleveland Indians) – Francona has stated that Brantley will likely be activated on Friday, 4-6-18.

Mike Fiers (SP, Detroit Tigers) – Fiers fired 83 pitches over six innings in a minor league start, and may join the Detroit rotation this weekend.

Yuli Gurriel (1B, Houston Astros)  – Gurriel was moved to the DL10 in order to get minor league reps prior to making his season debut. No setback occurred. He is expected to come off the DL when first eligible on 4-13-18.

Nate Karns (SP, Kansas City Royals) – Karns was slated to return when first eligible on 4-7-18 but he has recently felt his elbow act up again. We’re on standby until new information is available, but I wouldn’t plan to have it on your squad this weekend.

Andrew Heaney (SP, Los Angeles Angels)  – Heaney is slated to throw 80-90 pitches in a rehab game on Friday, and may be ready to return after that. He will line up with the 4-12-18 game against TEX if all goes well.

Tom Koehler (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Moved to the DL60. Current estimated return of 6-1-18 is set for when he is first eligible to come off the DL – this obviously could change drastically in the next two months.

Justin Turner (3B, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Turner will reportedly begin swinging a bat next week. He remains on course for a mid-May return.

J.T. Realmuto (C, Miami Marlins) – Has begun catching drills. Some reports list 4-20-18 as a possible return. I will update the timetable as we get closer to that date.

Michael Conforto (OF, New York Mets) – Conforto is set to be activated from the DL prior to today’s game(4-5-18). Those who gambled on him should gain great profit from his ADP.

Wil Myers (1B/OF, San Diego Padres)  – Myers was put on the DL10 due to a nerve irritation in his right triceps. Triceps is innervated by radial nerve, so I’m assuming that is the issue until we hear otherwise. It’s difficult to discern if the muscle is mentioned here as being irritated or as a landmark for the odd sensation. If it’s the latter, we’re most likely talking ulnar nerve, which could lead to a long absence if not resolved (ulnar nerve transposition surgery). I’d keep a close eye on this one.

Nelson Cruz (DH, Seattle Mariners) – No MRI results reported – no news is good news. I’m presuming that no structural damage was noted and the Mariner’s decided to put Cruz on the DL to give him ample rest and to allow them a roster spot for their incoming interleague series (which makes sense considering they retro’d to 4-1-18). Expect him to return when first eligible on 4-11-18 unless we hear otherwise.

Mike Zunino (C, Seattle Mariners) – Expect Zunino to return this weekend or early next week.

Adam Wainwright (SP, St. Louis Cardinals)  – Waino will take the ball later today, and we lose Jack Flaherty for the time being.

Martin Perez (SP, Texas Rangers) – Perez says he’s ready to go after a 6 inning outing in a simulated game on 4-1-18. He could return prior to the initial 4-15-18 estimate.


Nick Ahmed (SS, Arizona Diamondbacks)  – Could be back as early as 4-5-18 depending how he’s feeling. ARI infield depth has already taken a hit with Lamb heading for the DL.

Jake Lamb (3B, Arizona Diamondbacks)  – It helps that this is his non-throwing shoulder and his back shoulder while hitting. I’ve set the approximate return at 3 weeks until we obtain more information.

Josh Ravin (RP, Atlanta Braves) – With little information available I’ve thrown out a modest 2 w timetable. It’s difficult to know if this truly warranted a DL stay or if ATL just didn’t want to be short a reliever for an upcoming Teheran start (good call).

Scott Schebler (OF, Cincinnati Reds)  – I watched this one happen immediately after I picked up Schebler off waivers. Basically he took a 95 mph Sean Doolittle fastball off his right funny bone. He could do little to get out of the way, but perhaps add an EvoShield, Scott.

Lucas Duda (1B, Kansas City Royals) – Duda is dealing with some hamstring tightness that appears mild. I’d expect him back on Friday.

Matt Shoemaker (SP, Los Angeles Angels) – Uh oh. I’m starting him on a 3-4 week timetable but this could escalate quickly depending on imaging. Shoemaker missed significant time last year due to a strained extensor in his right forearm which eventually required a radial nerve release. I haven’t been able to find reports indicating whether it’s a flexor or extensor issue this time around. I have him on my DL in the staff league for the moment, but I won’t hesitate to drop him if any additional negative reports come out.

Ben Heller (RP, New York Yankees)  – Heller will likely undergo an operation to have the bone spurs removed. The timetable will be effective from that date. I wouldn’t expect him to contribute until after the ASB.

Joe Musgrove (SP/RP, Pittsburgh Pirates)  – Well, I was worried about this. Musgrove endured a similar shoulder issue last season. He’ll be shut down from throwing for about a week. We’ll begin to get a better idea of his timetable then.

Austin Hedges (C, San Diego Padres) – Hedges is in the lineup on 4-4-18, but this is still worth monitoring as it can’t be fun to catch with a sore upper back. I’d expect him to get a day or two of rest prior to the start of next week.

Hunter Pence (OF, San Francisco Giants) – Bochy expects Pence in the lineup on Friday, so we’ll go with that until we hear otherwise. In the meantime, enjoy this classic.

Jedd Gyorko (INF, St. Louis Cardinals) – This appears mild as the Cards weren’t initially sure if they wanted to DL Gyorko. He missed approximately two weeks with a hamstring strain last year, so I’ve gone with a similar timetable until we hear how his rehab is going.

Aledmys Diaz (SS, Toronto Blue Jays) – Appears very mild as Diaz reportedly took BP today. The Jays are off on 4-5-18 but we could see Diaz in the lineup on 4-6-18. He will likely be on the bench for Stroman’s start on 4-7-18 anyway as the Jays seem to prefer Ngoepe at SS with Stro on the hill.

Matt Wieters (C, Washington Nationals)  – Reportedly mild, so Wieters may return when first eligible.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a registered occupational therapist with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.


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