Ian Kennedy
Kansas City Royals


66.4% Thrown  92.2 MPH

While the pitch above is most likely a Two-Seamer, Kennedy focuses mostly on Four-Seamers, which had itself quite a season in 2016 with a a 21.0 pVal after a poor -2.2 in 2015. One reason for the major jump could be Kenndy's velocity getting a nice boost last season, pushing him into the 92.5mph range. More importantly, he had a dramatic rise in flyballs from 36.5% to a crazy high 51.6% and the BABIP dropped accordingly down to .236. Sure, his HR/FB wasn't pleasant at 14.2%, but batters held just a .681 OPS against his heater as he pounded the ball in the zone at a startling 60.1% rate. match that with just a 80.1% contact rate and you can see how it had itself a good year.


13.8% Thrown  77.3 MPH

Kennedy's Knuckle-Curve just isn't very effective. It doesn't miss enough bats to be used as a good chase pitch (just a 8.6% whiff rate), but he doesn't have the command to consistently toss it in the zone. And when he did toss it for a strike, batters held a .217 ISO against the pitch.


8.1% Thrown  85.9 MPH

It's more of the same in the breaking ball category with Kennedy's Slider as it suffered a similiar fate as the deuce: low zone rate, low whiff rate, but batters held a super high 1.038 OPS. Kennedy trusted it more in deeper counts...which might have been a mistake given its 12% walk rate.


11.7% Thrown  83.9 MPH

If there is hope for any of Kennedy's secondary pitches, it is his Changeup. It has solid fade and had batters chasing it out of the zone 43.0% of the time last season. When batters did connect, it went for a groundball 50% of the time and limited line drives to just a 18.2% mark.