Homer Bailey
Cincinnati Reds


50.0% Thrown  92.7 MPH

Bailey has barely pitched over the last two seasons and from his most recent large sample, Bailey used his Four-Seamer over his Two-Seamer at a near 2-to-1 ratio. He turned into a groundball specialist with the amount of Two-Seamers he started throwing, though he still needed his Four-Seamer to pound the zone as he struggled wield the movement of his Two-Seamer.


8.7% Thrown  78.0 MPH

There's a bit of work to be done with Bailey's Knuckle-Curve, as it didn't find earn a high enough O-Swing rate to justify its poor zone rate.


24.5% Thrown  87.3 MPH

Bailey's most consistent pitch through his career has been his Slider, which does a great job of getting batters to chase out of the zone. Paired with an often low location, it's earned him a 51.1% groundball rate for his career, and kept the flyballs to a minimum at 27.0%.


16.8% Thrown  86.7 MPH

2014 was an explosive year for Bailey's Split-Changeup, which had an incredible 23.6% whiff. It was used almsot exclusively as a strikeout pitch, thrown out of the just under 80% of the time and it was incredibly effective - 43.5% O-Swing rate with a 47.1% K rate. When batters did make contact, they pounded it into the ground over half the time, making the pitch an outstanding weapon for Bailey.