Hector Santiago
Minnesota Twins


63.8% Thrown  91.3 MPH

Traditionally a solid attribute of Santiago's Sinker, he allowed a career high 13.1% HR/FB last year with the pitch. His previous high? 9.1% in 2012.


3.5% Thrown  73.4 MPH

Santiago's deuce is often used as an attempt to steal a strikeout, freezing a batter when he forgets Santiago is capable of even throwing a Curveball.


5.4% Thrown  78.7 MPH

Like his Curveball, Santiago saves this pitch for when he's ahead of batters, but it didn't turn out so well for Santiago last year, allowing a whopping 46.7% line drive rate across the 170 he threw.


21.1% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Santiago took a step forward with his slow ball in 2016, pulling its zone rating up to a respctable 45.8% after it fell to a career low 38.3% in 2015. He needs to throw the pitch in the zone to act as a second option when he can't throw his heater.


5.3% Thrown  85.2 MPH

Santiago has weened off using his Cutter, dropping its usage nearly in half last season as he struggled to throw it for a strike.