Gio Gonzalez
Washington Nationals


63.7% Thrown  90.8 MPH

Gio uses a mix of Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, with a slot nod to the former. Both pitches lost a tick in velocity last year, resulting in a spike of HR/FB rate for his Four-Seamer. His Two-Seamer found the zone more often, though, allowing him to drop his walk rate with the pitch and turn its first positive pVal since 2012.


19.8% Thrown  77.2 MPH

Gio's best pitch is this deuce that gets over three inches of bonus vertical drop. He doesn't throw it for a strike often, as he saves it for two-strike counts as it earned a whopping 50.0% K rate last season.


16.5% Thrown  86.8 MPH

Gio does a great job with his Changeup, acting as a solid #2 pitch that gets whiffs and chases out of the zone when behind in the count. He can thank an underwhelming Fastball for batters jumping out of their shoes against the Changeup.