Ervin Santana
Minnesota Twins


53.0% Thrown  92.7 MPH

Santana suddenly found his Fastball again last season, featuring its highest average velocity since 2011, while having its highest O-Swing rate of his career at 27.2% - not a single season had registered above 24.6% since 2008.


39.1% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Santana's best pitch has always been his Slider, which has earned a career 18.1% whiff rate and kept his strikeouts afloat through the years. He does a fantastic job of pinpointing the low-and-away corner with the corner, dancing between a strike and a ball beneath the zone. There is a slight worry regarding his last year's numbers: he held a 37.6% O-Swing, the first time he's been under 40% since 2010, which could have been a product of less horizontal bend, which has lost about an inch over the past few years.


7.9% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Santana changed his approach with his Changeup, using it more as a pitch to induce weak contact down and out of the zone instead of sneaking a free strike. The approach backfired as batters held a monstrous .444 BABIP against the pitch.