Eric Surkamp
Texas Rangers


53.3% Thrown  88.8 MPH

Surkamp failed to register a single positive pVal with any of his pitches through the 38.2 innings he threw last season and his Four-Seamer set a poor foundation for the rest of his repertoire. It allowed an immense 1.067 OPS as an extreme flyballer (just a 19.6% groundball rate).


19.0% Thrown  77.2 MPH

It was a terrible year for Surkamp's deuce, which generated whiffs at just a 5.0% rate, while featuring an unfortunate .400 BABIP and allowing contact at a immense 84.1% rate.


7.5% Thrown  80.9 MPH

There is some potential here as Surkamp gets exceptional drop on his Changeup, but he barely threw it in the zone across the 59 he threw last year, while batters rarely elected to chase it off the plate.


20.2% Thrown  87.0 MPH

Surkamp enjoys jamming right-handers with his Cutter, which may see more time in the future as his straight Fastball wasn't commanded well enough for its lack of movement.