Edinson Volquez
Miami Marlins


53.0% Thrown  93.1 MPH

Here's a wild stat: Volquez's Sinker held a whopping 14.2% walk rate and just a 6.1% K rate last season. While Volquez turns to his secondary pitches when ahead in the count, that is one of the worst BB/K ratios for any Fastball among starters.


24.7% Thrown  80.0 MPH

Volquez's breaking ball is a Curveball that does pretty well, induces swings at pitches off the plate at a solid 36.6% rate and allowing just 13.8% line drives last season. Additionally, he can toss it for a strike when he needs to, giving him a flexible second pitch to accommodate his lacking Fastball.


22.2% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Volquez's best pitch has to be this Changeup, which earned an excellect 16.5% whiff rate, a 553.% groundball rate, and gets batters to fish 45.4% of the time. It's all thanks to generating nearly three inches of extra vertical movement than the average slow ball.