Dylan Bundy
Baltimore Orioles


61.3% Thrown  93.8 MPH

When Bundy is able to command his heater properly, life is amazing as he works in his unreal Changeup and devastating Curveball. However, the ball constantly leaked over the middle of the plate, allowing a 32.5% line drive rate and a poor 13.9% HR/FB rate given the amount of flyballs he generates (40.7%).


18.6% Thrown  76.3 MPH

With its absurd vertical movement that is above average for a Curveball, it boggles me that Pitchf/x calls this a Slider. There's plenty of room for improvement with the pitch as his location was either well out of the zone or acting like a "Get-Me-Over" pitch, that led to a low 31.7% swing rate. If he can command it at the bottom of the strike zone and just underneath, he can greatly improve its 5.7% whiff rate while not sacrificing its excellent 47.5% zone rate.


20.1% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Here's the pitch that suggests Bundy has the potential to be the ace of the Orioles staff. In 2016, Bundy's Changeup was able to throw the pitch for a strike - 53.0% zone rate - while also getting batters to swing at the pitch off the plate at a whopping 45.9% rate. Those two numbers combined with an elite 20.8% whiff rate describe a deadly weapon Bundy can whip out at any moment to debilitate batters.