Drew Pomeranz
Boston Red Sox


47.7% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Pomeranz's msot underrated pitch might be his heater, which registered and impressive 9.5% whiff rate despite low 90s heat. The biggest area for improvement here is his ability to bear down with three-balls, as a startling 13.3% walk rate despite a solid 53.6% zone rate will keep the walks afloat despite solid overall control.


39.2% Thrown  79.2 MPH

Pomeranz's huge Knuckle-Curve is what put him on the map, which earned 4.5 inches extra vertical drop more than the typical pitch from southapws. The pitch started to hang a little more often in the second half of last season, but expect the pitch to regain its sharp break in 2017 as he comes close to its 40% usage rate once again.


9.0% Thrown  85.3 MPH

2016 was the first year Pomeranz truly embraced his Changeup, which showed up with a near four inch separation from his Four-Seamer. The pitch was overall effective - .118 BAA. 38.1% IFFB, and a 13.9% line drive rate - with a decent 43.3% zone rate given a 31.3% O-Swing rate.


4.2% Thrown  85.2 MPH

Pomeranz added a Cutter last season to jam inside to right-handers and while it worked a decent amount - 18.2% line drives and a 30.8% IFFB rate - he made a few too many mistakes with it, allowing a .333 ISO. It's a small sample size of just 118 thrown and expect more success with the pitch if he features it more in 2017.