Derek Holland
Chicago White Sox


60.5% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Holland is apparently a Sinkerballer, though this looks awfully like your standard Two-Seamer. Anyway, this pitch was the only one of Holland's repertoire to have any success, finding the strike zone consistently and not getting completely hammered by batters. Not a sterling recommendation, but the pitch gets the job done.


7.5% Thrown  76.5 MPH

Holland's Kunckle-Curve is a textbook "Get-Me-Over" pitch as he tossed it in the zone with a 51.8% rate and rendered a low 8.0% whiff rate for the pitch.


19.4% Thrown  79.9 MPH

Here's Holland's putaway pitch - a Slider that holds a career 20.2% whiff rate. The strikeout rate dipped from an annual 50%+ rate to just 33.3% clip as he began throwing it more in the zone (jumping from the 20s to 38.0% zone rate last year). Its change of approach harmed its overall effectiveness, but was a necessary change as Holland was struggling to throw his Changeup inside the zone, which had previously helped setup the deadly bender.


12.5% Thrown  83.2 MPH

Holland threw more Changeups last season and its impact was questionable. He allowed nearly 40% line drives with the pitch as he threw fewer pitches inside the zone. Its movement was below average as well, though he managed to earn a respectable 30.7% O-Swing rate to limit the damage.