David Phelps
Seattle Mariners


63.2% Thrown  93.4 MPH

The biggest catalyst for Phelps' breakout 2016 season was a Fastball that jumped from 90.4mph to a blistering 93.6mph, topping out near 97mph. He held that velocity as he had a brief stint to the rotation, though with the crowded Marlins staff, he'll be delgated to setup man work once again. Phelps held an excellent 10.9% whiff rate on his Fastball, while its contact rate plummeted from 88.2% to 77.3%, even as he pounded the zone at a staggering 65.1% rate.


11.4% Thrown  79.7 MPH

Phelps uses a Knuckle-Curve grip on his heavy hook, which benefited from an additional two inches of horizontal bend to skyrocket its whiff rate from a paltry 6.0% to 14.8% last season, turning it from a "Get-Me-Over" pitch to a flexible option at anytime during the count. In addition, a 79.2% groundball rate speaks extremely well for the pitch moving forward.


1.3% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Phelps only threw 19 total Changeups last year, and you can expect it to stay on the shelf as long as he's being used in relief. If he does whip it out, there is some promise here at it featured a ton of horizontal bend (four inches more than average!) leading to a 15.8% whiff rate.


24.1% Thrown  90.1 MPH

Phelps has an excellent feel for his Cutter, often freezing right-handers with a sneaky front-door offering that turned the pitch from a 16.7% K rate in 2015 to a whopping 40.3% number last season. That feel mixed with the improved velocity make Phelps a force to be reckoned with in the Marlins bullpen.