Danny Duffy
Kansas City Royals


59.2% Thrown  94.8 MPH

As Danny Duffy transitioned from reliever to starter, he pulled a rare feat - he kept most of his increased velocity with him. Duffy's Four-Seamer averaged nearly 95mph across the full year, though that mark began to fall during August and September. It will be interesting to see if Duffy can keep it up across 2017 as his success might depend on it.


23.3% Thrown  86.5 MPH

I don't care Pitchf/x, this is definitely a Slider and not a Curveball. Essentially, the pitch either featured well below average horizontal and vertical movement or was exception in both departments as a Slider, coming in at 83.5mph. Anyway, Duffy's premier putaway pitch was all kinds of nasty, earning a 41.1% K rate as he boosted its velocity about three ticks, jumping from a 9.8% whiff rate a great 15.9% in 2016. The O-Swing followed with a near 12 point boost to 37.7% and the Ks were abundant. It's hard not to love watching it debilitate batters left and right.


17.2% Thrown  85.2 MPH

While his Slider and blistering heater get most of the love, Duffy's Changeup did the dirty work, earning his highest whiff rate (19.5%!) and best groundball rate at 46.2%. Despite holding a low zone rate, it was by design as Duffy did an excellent job tucking the pitch just under the bottom of the zone, leading to a great 36.9% O-Swing rate and only 62.7% contact.