Dan Straily
Miami Marlins


51.2% Thrown  89.3 MPH

Straily is a flyball pitcher heavily relying on the "rise" of his Four-Seamer to induce pop-ups and weak flyballs. However, 32.9% line drive and 14.7% HR/FB rates don't indicate that the plan is working all too well.


4.7% Thrown  72.7 MPH

This is as standard of a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball as it gets as Straily will try to sneak an early strike with the hook every so often.


25.6% Thrown  83.0 MPH

This Slider is far and away Straily's best pitch, registering an impressive 13.9 pVal last season. It's a product of keeping the ball low in zone often, featuring a great 37.5% O-Swing and 14.4% whiff rate despite throwing it for a strike at a decent 44.5% rate.


18.4% Thrown  82.3 MPH

There's some upside in this Changeup as it missed bats at a solid 15.0% last season - due to a near seven inch difference in vertical movement compared to his Four-Seamer - but it floated up in the zone a little too often, rendering a 34.% line drive rate and six HRs to its name in just 559 thrown.