Corey Kluber
Cleveland Indians


52.9% Thrown  92.4 MPH

It sure is pretty to watch when it works, but Kluber's Sinker hurt more than helped in 2016, featuring a -5.4 pVal as it allowed a near .200 ISO and over 30% line drives. The problem is his inability to hit the lower part of the zone with a Sinker - normally a natural skill for those who feature the pitch dominantly.


19.3% Thrown  83.4 MPH

It's been debated if Kluber truly has two types of breaking balls, but whatever it is, it's as elite as they come. 27.1% whiff rate, a whopping 50.5% O-Swing and just a 50.7% contact rate are all absurd numbers that still don't do the pitch justice. Just watch it above again as you let out yet another guttural noise of satisfaction.


23.1% Thrown  88.9 MPH

Despite Pitchf/x's definition of a Slider, this pitch acts more like a Cutter that Kluber does an excellent job of jamming inside to left-handers, often resulting in a pop-up, groundball or whiff - its 34.1% IFFB rate is phenomenal, leading to a low allowed ISO of .084 for the pitch.


4.7% Thrown  85.3 MPH

Kluber didn't feature many Changeups, but when he turned to the pitch it often worked, with a 20.7% whiff rate and just a 15.4% line drive rate allowed. Still, a low 33.3% zone rate could be improved moving forward if he wants to trust it deeper in counts.