Collin McHugh’s Curveball vs. Zach Britton’s Fastball

One of our favorite elements of pitching is watching the reactions of hitters and this Collin McHugh Curveball is everything we ever want. Adrian Beltre couldn’t help but twist in self defense for what he assumes is a heater aimed for his head before the pitch changes direction and floats over the plate for a called strike. It may have a tough time making it to the second day, though, as Zach Britton showcased his ability to make a baseball do otherworldly things at high speeds. Watch the absurd drop on this 97mph heater to Salvador Perez and try not to be impressed. Does McHugh induced theatrics deserve more love than Britton’s ability?


Collin McHugh’s Curveball vs. Zach Britton’s Fastball

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