Collin McHugh
Houston Astros


36.0% Thrown  90.2 MPH

McHugh really doesn't like his Fastball, which he threw nearly as much as his Cutter and less than his Curveball. It could be a product of his inability to throw it around the edges and in the upper half of the zone frequently, which would explain its large .364 BABIP despite a 42.9% FB rate.


30.0% Thrown  72.4 MPH

McHugh's Curveball gets all the love as it generates 2.5 extra vertical inches with its huge arc. It's McHugh's putaway pitch, featuring a 42.3% K rate, a 40.6% O-Swing and an excellent 17.6% whiff rate. There's room to improve though - batters were able to lace it for a .350 BABIP last year as its line drive rate was its highest since 2013 with a career high 20% HR/FB rate.


5.2% Thrown  83.6 MPH

Like his Fastball, McHugh doesn't use his Changeup all too much, though it exhibits above average vertical drop and induces a decent amount of swings off the plate. However, he doesn't get enough whiffs to justify its poor 40.6% zone rate with the pitch.


28.8% Thrown  86.7 MPH

This Cutter/Slider is the pitch that made McHugh effective in his breakout 2014 season as he would clip the top of the zone often with late vertical drop that would shock batters. That drop has disappeared - three inches worth - turning the pitch from a 17.7 pVal in 2014 to a -1.0 pVal in 2016.