Colin Rea
San Diego Padres


60.9% Thrown  91.8 MPH

Rea mixes both a Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer, though the former was way more effective, producing a solid 5.0 pVal for the year. The pitch allowed a decent .350 BABIP while hitting strikes at a 55.5% rate.


17.6% Thrown  78.1 MPH

The best attribute of Rea's deuce is its high 33.9% O-Swing with 65.0% O-Contact that helps generate its 55.8% groundball rate and 21.4% IFFB rate.


5.0% Thrown  84.5 MPH

Rea barely touched this Splitter, though it flashed some potential with a 14.9% whiff rate and only 16.7% line drives allowed.


16.6% Thrown  87.5 MPH

There's no true putaway pitch in Rea's repertoire, though his Cutter generated the highest K rate of any pitch in his repertoire - a paltry 18.7%. The pitch is used to help generate poor contact as batters primed for the Four-Seamer would be too late to make a proper adjustment on the Cutter.