Cole Hamels
Texas Rangers


54.0% Thrown  92.1 MPH

After years of predominantly throwing Four-Seamers, Hamels turned into a Two-Seamer friendly southpaw and it came with success, turning from a -3.1 pVal with his straight heater to a 6.9 pVal with his Two-Seamer in 2016. Grounders went up, though the one drawback was a bumped walk rate as he struggled to throw the riding Fastball inside the strikezone more than 50% of the time. It'll be tough to imagine the walk rate dropping dramatically until that number gets a hefty lift.


14.7% Thrown  79.3 MPH

Hamels adores his Curveball as a strikeout pitch, which hit a career high 56.5% K rate in 2016. He did a great job of pinpointing the pitch near the ankles of right-handers on command, leading to an O-Swing of 37.2% and an incredibly swing O-Contact rate of 36.4%.


18.3% Thrown  84.2 MPH

After being the prime example for Changeups in the MLB, Hamels returned a modest 1.5 pVal in 2016. Outside of getting unlucky with a few HRs, there were two numbers that stick out: the highest contact rate on the pitch since 2008 and the lowest zone percentage in his career, the latter of which dropped six points in the last season to a poor 33.2%. He's simply not commanding like he used to and you have to hope he gets his feel back in the season ahead.


13.1% Thrown  88.2 MPH

Hamels has a field day placing his Cutter glove-side, jamming right-handers and making lefties chase off the plate. However, in 2016 his ability to nibble the edge for a strike dwindled, as the pitch went from being a strike 50% of the time to nearly 40%, easily the lowest of his career. Everything in Hamels' repertoire was a bit off command wise and 2017 is going to be more of the same if he can't reclaim his precision of the past.