Colby Lewis


48.7% Thrown  87.4 MPH

After three years of struggling mightily with his Four-Seamer, suddenly Lewis had success in 2016. The change? A decrease in BABIP from .292 to .192. Movement was the same, whiff rates, locations, O-Swing, zone rates, it all matched previous seasons. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.


7.8% Thrown  76.4 MPH

If you ever need to reference a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball, Lewis is your man.


31.8% Thrown  82.1 MPH

This Slider is easily Lewis' best offering, featuring a 17.5% whiff rate last season with batters chasing it out of the zone 44.7% of the time. His command was good enough that he could also throw it for a strike when he needed to, featuring a great 47.3% rate.


11.8% Thrown  83.2 MPH

The highlight of Lewis' Changeup is his 53.8% groundball rate from last season, but the fun stops there. A 62.5% HR/FB rate is horrendous, as well as a sub 40% zone rate and not a high enough O-Swing rate (20.2%) to justify it.