Clayton Richard
San Diego Padres


73.7% Thrown  90.8 MPH

With his side-winding motion, Richard gets a lot of movement on his Two-Seamer, tailing nearly three inches more than the average lefty Two-Seamer while also generating a ton of drop that helps induce grounders at an elite 70.1% rate.


10.5% Thrown  80.9 MPH

Richard tossed a quarter of his Curveballs last year near the ankles of right-handers, trying to get them fishing for roll over it for a groundball. Spoiler alert: It worked - 66.7% groundballs induced and a 38.6% O-Swing rate.


2.7% Thrown  84.5 MPH

Richard barely throws his Slider and its unwieldy movement prevented it from landing as a strike more often than ideal, making it an afterthought in his repertoire.


13.1% Thrown  83.9 MPH

Like his Two-Seamer, Richard gets exceptional horizontal and vertical movement on his Changeup. However, he can't command it nearly as ell, as it found the zone just 21.3% of the time last year.