Clay Buchholz
Philadelphia Phillies


41.7% Thrown  92.0 MPH

Clay doesn't throw a whole lot of Fastballs, but when he does, Two-Seamers are his preference, which held batters to just a 15.0% line drive rate last year. Sure, he also allowed a spike in HR/FB rate at 16.7% (with 37.8% flyballs, mind you), though if that number falls, he can have a decent floor to work with.


18.8% Thrown  77.9 MPH

Coming into the zone at a 53.2% rate and just a 9.3% K rate, it's pretty safe to classify Buchholz's hook at a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball.


17.2% Thrown  80.8 MPH

While his Cutter is the most consistent, the most upside in Buchholz's arsenal lies in his Split-Change, which holds a 21.1% career whiff rate. Additionally, he allowed just five extra-base hits with the pitch despite nearly 400 thrown across 2016.


21.1% Thrown  88.6 MPH

The best pitch inside of Buchholz's repertoire is his Cutter, which doesn't miss a whole lot of bats, but finds the zone often and does a good job of limiting the damage - batters had a low .232 BAA while chasing it out of the zone 32.5% of the time.