Christian Friedrich
San Diego Padres


49.3% Thrown  89.3 MPH

Let's be frank - Friedrich's heater is nothing to get excited about - Two-Seamer or Four-Seamer. He features the former more often, though that might change in the future he shockingly gets more grounders with his straight Fastball, while earning strikes at a much better rate.


23.0% Thrown  77.0 MPH

The most pleasing part of Friendrich's repertoire is his secondary stuff, namely his breaking balls. It starts with a big Curveball that limits liners (19.2%) and collects plenty of groundballs and pop ups (62.8% + 50% rates). The downside? Some bad luck last year - .346 BABIP - and a 9.0 whiff rate that you have to believe will rise in future seasons.


16.3% Thrown  82.6 MPH

Far and away Friedrich's best pitch is a Slider that he can throw for a strike over 40% of the time while generating an absurd 47.0% O-Swing rate. The late break on the pitch mixed with its consistent location down-and-away from left-handers makes it one of the more underrated offerings around. If only his heater set a better foundation for the pitch, then we'd see a lot more Ks with this sweet slide piece.


11.5% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Friedrich's Changeup is far from inept, despite being his clear fourth pitch. He gets above average fade and was able to toss it for a strike over 50% of the time, creating a pitch Friedrich could reach into his back pocket for with confidence if he felt his heater was getting tagged often.