Chris Young
San Diego Padres


48.0% Thrown  87.8 MPH

With his high release point and ton of backspin on his Four-Seamer, Young was able to get away with a poor Fastball velocity by keeping the ball up and inducing a ton of flyballs. That approach took a beating in 2016 as his HR/FB soared to a staggering 35.0% mark (remember, 51.3% flyball rate!), while dropping his zone rate from the 50s to a meager 44.8%.


50.0% Thrown  82.0 MPH

With his heater struggling, Young turned to his Slider to save him, which has been his most beneficial pitch over the last three seasons. The pitch looks a lot like his Fastball, generating a good amount of whiffs from batters swinging over the top of it (over five inch drop from his heater).


2.0% Thrown  81.4 MPH

YOung only threw 33 Changeups last season, abandoning the pitch as he couldn't throw it for a strike (30.3%) while batters made contact a whopping 83.3% of the time.