Chris Tillman
Baltimore Orioles


55.9% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Fun Fact: Tillman has registered a positive pVal for his Four-Seamer in five straight seasons despite average velocity and questionable command of the pitch. The secret? He has a knack for a low HR/FB rate - five of his last six seasons have featured HR/FB rates under 11% with his heater with a 20%+ IFFB rate for six straight years.


12.4% Thrown  75.3 MPH

If you're looking for a huge hook from a righty that isn't under 70mph, you've come to right place. Tillman's Knuckle-Curve gets four inches more than the typical deuce, helping earn 65.7% grounders. The fun stops there, however, as he struggles to get batters to chase (just 13.9% O-Swing) as he struggles to find the zone with the pitch, holding a paltry 25% zone rate in 2016. Not a good recipe for success.


15.7% Thrown  85.6 MPH

Tillman's most successful pitch last year was a Slider/Cutter that improved its vertical movement dramatically since 2014, adding over four inches of depth to earn a 13.3% whiff rate and hitting the strikezone 52.6% of the time. Excellent numbers for a secondary pitch that he can rely on.


16.1% Thrown  83.9 MPH

Tillman has never allowed line drives more than 23% of the time with his Changeup in his career, holding a 19.8% rate for the pitch. No wonder it's his favorite offering to pair with his heater.