Chris Devenski
Houston Astros


45.9% Thrown  92.3 MPH

Devenski spent most of his time last season as a reliever, so we can't expect that 92-93mph velocity to stick if he finds his way into the Astros rotation. He's a flyball pitcher, featuring a Four-Seamer with "rise" that makes the ball end higher in the zone than expected, which led to 40.9% flyballs of the pitch last year. It worked out well last season (10.2 pVal!) though a 36.4% line drive rate may be an indication of rougher times ahead.


9.4% Thrown  75.6 MPH

It's Knuckle-Curve time with Devenski, who uses the pitch moreso as a "Get-Me-Over" pitch than a debilitator. He got punished a little last season though, as he allowed 45.5% line drives against his hook.


12.9% Thrown  81.8 MPH

The primary strikeout pitch for Devenski is this Slider that earned a whopping 23.0% whiff rate last season. You can thank an immense eight inch difference in vertical movement between his Slider and Fastball that froze a ton of batters, holding back their bats despite some poor locations - not a single Slider was smacked for an extra-base hit despite over 200 thrown.


31.7% Thrown  80.9 MPH

Devenski loves his Changeup and why not? Its 21.0% whiff rate is insanely good, esepcially when paired with a 47.1% O-Swing rate and an allowed ISO of just .047. Its a product of locating the pitch down in the zone consistently - a perfect spot to be when his Fastball is often elevated and looks nearly identical during delivery.