Chris Archer
Tampa Bay Rays


48.5% Thrown  94.3 MPH

Archer had himself a beneficial heater in 2015, which suddenly lost its luster in 2016, getting slapped with a horrendous -14.0 pVal. What went wrong? Simply put, the pitch wasn't missing bats up in the zone like it used to, with a 15 point difference in contact rate for elevated heaters. That's a huge difference and could have been a product of losing a tick off his velocity, or possibly an element of deception was missing. Either way, he'll have to reclaim his touch to climb back to his seat among the AL's best starters.


40.6% Thrown  88.2 MPH

For those unaware, Archer's Slider is one of the best in the game. A 19.2% whiff rate with a whopping 44.3% O-Swing rate isn't the highest we've seen, but when taken into context of how often he throws it (over 40% of the time!), it's easy to see how dominant it is. Batters held just a .109 ISO against the pitch, along with connecting line drives just 22.2% of the time. The late bite at 88mph is devastating to say the least.


11.0% Thrown  86.8 MPH

Archer favors his FB/SL combination heavily, making his Changeup often a forgotten tool. However, given its solid 12.3% whiff rate and superb 67.2% induced grounders, it might be time for Archer to recognize that he has a decent third option that can boost both his heater and slide piece to keep him pitching deep into games.