Charlie Morton
Houston Astros


50.7% Thrown  94.3 MPH

At first glance, it's hard not to like what Morton brings to the table. A Sinker that touches 96 and he's able to throw it often in the zone. Problem is, it doesn't have close to the drop you'd expect, leading to a more flyballs and line drives than ideal. Meanwhile, batters don't chase it off the plate, nor do they whiff in general (5.0%) and make contact at a large 88.7%, spelling out a malignant pitch for the hard thrower.


23.9% Thrown  80.7 MPH

Morton's favorite secondary pitch is a big Curveball that he'll turn to for a strikeout. It isn't the overpowering breaking ball that most hard throwers feature and it's hard to see Morton producing close to his 9.87 K/9 over a larger sample size in future seasons.


9.8% Thrown  85.6 MPH

Morton's Changeup comes with a Split-Finger grip that doesn't have nearly the whiff rate you'd expect (4.7%) as Morton throws it very often inside the zone.


10.9% Thrown  89.9 MPH

Morton mixes in a solid Cutter that keeps batters off balance a bit when they gear up for the heat. Not the deadliest of pitches, but good enough to make it a firm member of the arsenal.