Cesar Ramos
Philadelphia Phillies


38.1% Thrown  88.5 MPH

It's tough having an 88.5mph Four-Seamer that generates whiffs just 2.0% of the time. An allowed OPS of 1.163 shouldn't surprise you.


15.3% Thrown  68.3 MPH

Ramos' best pitch is a loopy Curveball that batters elect to let go as they wait for a proper Fastball to drive with authority. It doesn't help Ramos' case that he can locate it in the zone just 27.7% of time.


21.2% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Ramos' Slider doesn't dip nearly as much as traditional southpaw slide pieces, nor does it get the same bend you would expect. While not being as destructive of a force as his heater, it's hard to pardon the pitch's 9.7% walk rate that is higher than its 6.5% K rate.


25.5% Thrown  82.6 MPH

The #2 man in Ramos' repertoire is a Changeup that he can throw for a strike when he needs one. Mix in a decent 13.1% whiff rate and it's no wonder it's Ramos' go-to offering.