CC Sabathia
New York Yankees


34.7% Thrown  89.0 MPH

The major decline of Sabathia from his heyday can be blamed on his Fastball, which had originally been pure Four-Seamers, then a effective mix with Sinkers, and now a Sinker/Cutter combo that works on one hand (Cutters are great!) but not on the other (Sinkers are bad!). Being used as his primary heater, Sabathia simply can't expect success when he throws it for a strike just 42.3% of the time, leading to his highest walk rate with the pitch in his career (10.9%). When he's not dealing the same low-to-mid 90s like he was in the past and hanging around 89 or so, it's hard to hide from mistakes.


24.3% Thrown  80.0 MPH

Despite a low 11.4% whiff rate, Sabathia still earned an 11.5 pVal for his Slider in 2016. He can thank a low 18.5% line drive rate and an incredible 8.3% HR/FB rate, especially when nearly 40% of batted balls went into the air.


11.8% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Despite using it under 12% of the time, Sabathia's Changeup served very well as a fourth pitch, generating whiffs at a remarkable 15.7% rate and inducing 54.0% grounders. He used the pitch nearly exclusively as a pitch off the outside corner of the plate for Right-Handers to chase, just like in the GIF above to Mark Trumbo.


29.2% Thrown  89.4 MPH

First of all, PitchF/x has this labeled as a Four-Seamer, but its xMovement clearly indicates a Cutter. Just look at that GIF above, that is not a Four-Seamer. Anyway, you have to hand it to Sabathia, who after four years of failing to be successful with his Four-Seamer, transitioned to a Cutter and four major success in 2016, as the transition improved #2 pitch's groundball rate (47.3%), paired with an improved whiff rate (8.7%) and super high 31.8% O-Swing rate.