Carlos Carrasco’s Curveball + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Thursday’s Games

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Carlos Carrasco’s Curveball – Carrasco had been on fire since his return from the DL in the second half, and has shown that there’s more than one ace in Cleveland this year, as long as he’s healthy. This strikeout on a Curveball to Mitch Garvey was one of 14 in an electric night for Carrasco.

Blake Treinen’s Fastball – It’s tough to understand why the Nationals traded away Treinen when he such ridculous movement at a high velocity. We’ve featured Treinen’s Two-seamer before, and it deserves mentioning again on this pitch to Drew Robinson. Crazy side to side movement.

Kyle Barraclough’s Slider – “Bear Claw” didn’t throw his out pitch Slider much last night, but it was extremely effective when he did. Few Sliders have the depth that Barraclough gets on the pitch here, and Adonis Garcia was stamped with a big K.

Shane Greene’s Fastball – I’m sure the Tigers and Dbacks still regret the three way trade that sent Did Gregorious to the Yanks and Shane Greene to the Tigers, but Greene has shown flashes after his move to the bullpen, and eventually the closer’s role in a barren Tigers staff. This Two-seamer is very similar to the one Treinen through above, and Alex Gordon couldn’t pull the trigger.

Kyle Hendricks’ Changeup – Hendricks got 9 Ks last night using mostly his Fastball and his regular pinpoint command. When he did break out a Changeup, it worked well just on speed and arm action alone, as Matt Carpenter can attest.

GIF Of The Night

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