Bryan Mitchell
San Diego Padres


51.6% Thrown  94.7 MPH

The good: Mitchell is able to throw this 95mph heater for strikes often. The bad: he barely gets any whiffs on the pitch and struggled to control it when down in the count (17.9% walk rate!). The velocity is nice and all, but he's far from overpowering batters with the heater.


21.4% Thrown  81.5 MPH

Technically Mitchell's strikeout pitch, though the whiffs aren't quite there yet as he hasn't earned a 12% whiff rate with the pitch just yet. Now, we're dealing with a small sample size and he does get extra drop on the pitch, though it doesn't have the sharp break to trust in a major boost in future seasons.


3.4% Thrown  86.9 MPH

We've only seen Mitchell's Changeup 21 times across his short career, but from what we've seen is a pitch with great horizontal action and decent fade relative to his straight Four-Seamer. There's potential here for a good FB/CH combination if he keeps it low in the zone.


23.7% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Mitchell's true #2 pitch is his Cutter, which does a good job of keeping batters off-balance as he interchanges it with his heater. He can throw it in the zone well (53.3% mark), though it's movement is more subtle than desired.