Brandon McCarthy
Atlanta Braves


45.9% Thrown  92.1 MPH

In his brief 40 innings of 2016, McCarthy split his time between Sinkers and Four-Seamers, with the later earning an impressive 13.2% whiff rate across 176 pitches. It helped him earn a crazy high 56.3% K rate on Four-Seamers, though the sacrifice was a GB rate of just 20% with liners way up to 46.7%. On the flip side, McCarthy couldn't locate the zone with his SInker (just over 40% zone rate!) meaning there is a some work to be done evening out the two offerings.


29.2% Thrown  80.0 MPH

McCarthy's deuce wasn't much of a strikeout pitch but rather a "Get-Me'Over" Curveball to give batters another look when mixing in his Cutter and pair of heaters.


24.9% Thrown  91.0 MPH

A 52.9% zone rate tells you the confidence McCarthy had throwing his Cutter over the plate, and he didn't allow a single extra-base hit in all 172 thrown. However, he wasn't able to bear down in three-ball counts, leading to a grossly inflated 21.9% walk rate with the pitch.