Brandon Finnegan
Cincinnati Reds


65.0% Thrown  91.7 MPH

For a Sinker, Finnegan sure doesn't get a lot of grounders with the pitch - at just a 40.7% clip - and its sub 50% zone rate meant a high 14.1% walk rate with his heater in 2016. Clearly those numbers need to change if Finnegan is going to put it all together, but at least he has a tasty Changeup waiting for him if he does.


23.5% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Finnegan's Slider is...fine. Not in the endearing way, but it gets the job done with a decent 12.3% whiff rate and a 36.3% O-Swing mark. The biggest problem is for a second pitch, he needs to get it in the zone more often - especially when he struggles to get his Sinker in the zone so infrequently.


11.6% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Despite throwing this Changeup just 11.6% of the time, Finnegan earned a whopping 9.7 pVal for the pitch in 2016, making it far and away his most effective offering. It allowed an ISO of just .032 while earning 16.5% whiffs and a 57.1% groundball rate with a super low 59.9% contact rate. Excellent numbers for what is apparently his third pitch. Expect him to throw more in the year ahead.