Braden Shipley
Arizona Diamondbacks


54.2% Thrown  91.2 MPH

Shipley's Fastball passes the eye test, but over the course of the season, his primary heater - a Four-Seam Fastball - simply wasn't effective. He couldn't confidently throw it in the zone (just 43.3%!) and when he did, it rendered over 90% contact. Talk about a poor foundation to build upon.


24.6% Thrown  79.8 MPH

Shipley needs a pitch that he can throw for strikes, but that isn't his deuce. Instead, he saves it when he's ahead or even against batters, hoping to to take advantage of its 37.7% O-Swing rate as he gets above average drop on the pitch. It is by far his most beneficial offering, though he doesn't rely on it when he needs a big pitch.


21.2% Thrown  84.6 MPH

There just isn't enough here to get on board with Shipley's third pitch. Not enough whiffs, not enough movement, and not enough strikes. It's just...not enough.