Brad Peacock
Houston Astros


52.6% Thrown  91.9 MPH

Yes, this pitch looks supppper mediocre and it is. Ignore the 2.7 pVal from last year - he needed a .220 BABIP for get away with it as he only threw 31.2 innings last season. Given a good amount of playing time, this pitch is going to get rocked without excellent location.


12.6% Thrown  76.4 MPH

Here's Peacock's favorite two-strike pitch, which held a 56.3% K rate last season among the 62 thrown. Like his Slider, it has great horizontal bend and heavy drop though it will be tough to take full advantage of it when his Fastball is so lacking.


30.7% Thrown  80.2 MPH

Peacock loves his Slider as he can throw it in the zone well and generates a ton of horizontal bend - almost four inches more than average slide pieces. If he's going to grind out a good outing here and there, it's going to be on the back on this pitch.


4.1% Thrown  80.6 MPH

Only 20 Changeups were thrown last year and while it could play off his Fastball well, his lack of confidence in the pitch makes it tough for batters to take it seriously as anything more than an occasional bid for a free strike.