Blake Snell
Tampa Bay Rays


57.3% Thrown  93.5 MPH

The biggest area of improvement is with Snell's Four-Seamer, which held a monstrous 17.7% walk rate. His issue lies in the inability to keep the ball down in the zone, result in 99 offerings well up and out of the strike zone last season. Keeping the ball lower will mask his Changeup better, creating space for a solid FB/CH combination, while working in a heavy hook and sharp Slider. It all starts with better command of this heater.


12.8% Thrown  75.9 MPH

Snell has a big hook that gets a ton of drop - two inches more than average - which helps prevent line drives (just 16.7%) and induces grounders at an elite 66.7% rate. Mix that with a good chase rate and whiffability (52.9% K rate!) and you have yourself and excellent breaking ball Snell can rely on constantly.


12.0% Thrown  82.6 MPH

Yes, Snell had a horrid -4.3 pVal for his Slider last season, but there's hope! It generated an incredible 22.3% whiff rate among the 206 he threw, with a solid 36.3% O-Swing rate. Sure, he made two mistakes that turned into HRs, but 2017 might see Snell turning this into the deadly putaway offering that it's meant to be.


18.0% Thrown  84.9 MPH

There's a lot to like about Snell's Changeup. He's able to throw it for a strike (52.6%), it looks just like his heater despite a near 10mph drop, and it generated 14.3% whiffs last season. Even though he turned to the pitch under 18% of the time in 2016, I expect the southpaw to bump up its usage moving forward.