Bartolo Colon
Minnesota Twins


89.0% Thrown  87.9 MPH

It's hard to know Colon and not be aware of his Two-Seamer that has miraculously kept him in the game at the ripe age of 43 years old. It's not going to dazzle with heat, but he places it well along the corners with above average horizontal movement and two extra inches for vertical drop. He's versatile with the pitch, jamming right-handers inside while surprising lefties with a startling front-door offering to send them back to the dugout. That's good enough for a 12.7 pVal last season - the highest of his career.


6.9% Thrown  82.0 MPH

Colon doesn't use his Slider often, and it's far from being what you'd hope for when considering it's his sole breaking ball. A whiff rate well under 10% and a 38% zone percentage don't speak highly of the pitch.


4.1% Thrown  80.9 MPH

If you haven't realized it yet, Colon is essentially a one-pitch pitcher and will rarely throw in a Slider/Changeup to keep batters somewhat honest. Colon only threw 116 Changeups last year and it rarely did him any good, allowing a whopping 50% line drives and a 14.3% HR/FB rate. Just stick with the Two-Seamer.