Anthony Ranaudo
Chicago White Sox


57.3% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Ranaudo's Four-Seam Fastball is as mediocre as mediocre can be, coming in at 91mph on the dot with league average movement all around. It's a heater that he'll need to spot well in order to get through innings.


29.6% Thrown  74.8 MPH

This hook is Ranaudo's ole faithful...but it sure doesn't do a lot for him. It had an abysmal 3.9% whiff rate as batters held an enormous 88.9% O-Contact rate against the pitch. It's hard to be successful when your most used secondary offering doesn't do much for your case.


11.7% Thrown  82.8 MPH

The highest whiff percentage in Ranaudo's repertoire was his Slider in 2016, which registered a paltry 9.6% swinging strike rate. Ouch.


6.1% Thrown  84.4 MPH

Ranaudo doesn't turn to his Changeup often, which has similar average movement to his Fastball. There isn't much upside for this pitch to succeed on its own, requiring an improved heater for it to be effective consistently.