Anthony DeSclafani
Cincinnati Reds


57.8% Thrown  92.9 MPH

Tony Disco dances between both his Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer, though their relative successes are on different sides of the spectrum. On one hand, his Two-Seamer is able to find the plate and get a good amount of chases as well (28.3%) as he can pinpoint the pitch down-and-in to right-handers effectively. On the other is his Four-Seamer that was able to consistently find the strike zone - over 60% of the time! - but without the precision of his Two-Seamer, leading to an allowed .984 OPS. Look for a heavier lean on his Two-Seamer for the season ahead.


10.3% Thrown  80.9 MPH

This isn't a "Get-Me-Over" deuce but rather a pitch DeSclafani likes to turn to for a two-strike offering in the dirt - and it often works: 40.5% K rate, 36.1% O-Swing, and 15.6% whiff rate all exhibit a solid putaway pitch.


29.7% Thrown  87.2 MPH

DeSclafani's main secondary pitch is this Slider that he can rely on often. Even though it rarely sees the strikezone, he has the confidence to throw it in the zone when he wants to - just look at the 3-1 pitch in the GIF above. It has solid whiffability and batters struggle to make good contact as it rendered a 35.3% IFFB rate and 46.1% grounders last seasons.


2.3% Thrown  85.5 MPH

Tony Disco barely touched his Changeup last season, though its usage might rise a little this year as he will need a proper third look to go along with his heater and breaking balls. There isn't much upside as it features a straight Four-Seam grip, but it could be an effective pitch to keep batters honest.